Moldava receives awards for the best digital solution at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum

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the FOD platform

The Electronic Governance (AGE) received the “Special Award for the design of digital services” in a competition that was organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and GovStack. The award was presented to AGE for the “Front-Office Digitization” (FOD) Platform, a solution for digitizing public services developed by the Electronic Governance Agency team as part of the Modernization of Government Services (MGSP) project. The World Bank Group supported for the project.

The award was announced during the World Summit on the Informational Society Forum (WSIS Forum 2023) on March 13, 2023, held in Geneva, Switzerland. Moldova was awarded the grand prize, demonstrating its exceptional IT engineering skills. This achievement came after competing against 50 other participants, including technologically advanced nations such as Singapore, Germany, and Portugal. The evaluation process lasted nearly three months, with projects being assessed based on several criteria, including their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Olga Tumuruc, director of AGE, noted: “The prize awarded by ITU and GovStack, within the framework of WSIS 2023, is a sign of recognition of the value and opportunities offered by the FOD Platform in the process of providing public services digitally”.

The FOD platform plays a vital role in Moldova’s digital and borderless economy, facilitating the swift design and development of digital front-office services for government agencies. By using FOD components, individual systems for government service providers can be quickly and easily configured and developed. Additionally, FOD can be integrated with any existing back-office system used by service providers. FOD-based services offer citizens access to seamless governmental services, entrepreneurs can conduct their businesses contactless, and public service providers can customize their services to eliminate time-consuming procedures.

The FOD platform aims to simplify the process of requesting public services by utilizing existing electronic platforms and tools. This approach minimizes the time required to fulfill a request and ensures efficient back-office operations. By reusing data and other available resources, the platform provides a scalable and sustainable technical infrastructure that can be further developed to offer more services. Consequently, users can access services without visiting the public service provider physically. For electronic document requests, the document is delivered through electronic means exclusively.

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The platform is seamlessly integrated with all of the Republic of Moldova’s e-government systems, comprising digital registers (MConnect), identity and verification (MPass), payments (MPay), messaging (MNotify), registration, workflow, analysis, and more. The FOD platform is currently being used for various services, including obtaining excerpts from the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Register, and Register of Civil Status Documents. Additionally, three other digital services based on the FOD platform are under development.

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