Microsoft’s LinkedIn to acquire Drawbridge to accelerate Marketing Solutions Platform

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Marketing Solutions platform

Microsoft’s LinkedIn is acquiring Drawbridge, a digital identity management start-up based in San Mateo, California. Microsoft will use Drawbridge’s team and technology to bolster LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions platform, according to a blog post on LinkedIn.

“Today we are announcing that we have entered into an agreement to acquire Drawbridge, Inc. We believe Drawbridge’s team and technology will allow us to accelerate the capabilities of our Marketing Solutions platform,” announced Tomer Cohen in a LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions Blog.

As explained by Cohen, the plan is to help LinkedIn customers “better reach and understand their professional audiences and measure the ROI of their campaigns across mobile and desktop.”

LinkedIn believes the Drawbridge’s technology integration will provide strong controls to the customers and members over the data that they choose to share with each other.

Drawbridge uses AI and machine learning technology to build solutions that organizations can use to target customers and improve returns on ad campaigns by observing a user’s activities. Other integration partners of Drawbridge include IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce and more.

The shift started with LinkedIn’s recent drive to invest more in its marketing solutions platform and build tools that help advertisers get better marketing results and businesses gain more benefits.

LinkedIn has recently launched new ‘LinkedIn Pages’ to “enable businesses foster constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s community.” Additionally, it launched objective-based advertising in the Campaign Manager to enable users customize campaigns that they create according to their objectives.

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