Features of Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser leaked before launch

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Chromium-based Edge browser

In December last year, Microsoft had announced its plans to adopt the Chromium open source project to develop Microsoft Edge on the desktop. While, the planned update is still behind the walls, but most of the features of new Edge have got leaked.

Microsoft had said that adoption of Chromium for Edge browser will help the company to create better web compatibility for customers, and less fragmentation of the web for web developers.

Years ago, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer used to be the dominant browser. But it lost its charm following the arrival of Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. Microsoft introduced Edge to fight back. It has been designed to provide vivid browsing experience for Windows 10.

Despite its excellent browsing experience, Edge is still struggling to attract the users as much as Chrome and Firefox.

According to Thurrott, the new Edge browser looks a lot like Google Chrome having Microsoft polish on it. It will allow users to add their Microsoft account to it and offer an onboarding experience that enables users to import settings and configurations from Chrome and other browsers.

Microsoft Edge with Chromium will support extensions from Microsoft store as well as Chrome store. There will be a toggle switch that will allow users to easily install native Chrome extensions in Edge. In the build version, not all the extensions are said to be working properly.

Edge will further make the workflow a lot easier for users by allowing them to turn websites like Google Calendar and TweetDeck into apps. This can be done easily by clicking the three dots in the top right and installing the app. There is also a dark-mode in the browser.

The new Microsoft Edge will also offer performance improvements over the classic Edge. It will have smoother scrolling, tab customization options, and make things seamless for users.

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Microsoft is yet to announce an official date for the release of its new browser, but the new features indicate that it is all set to challenge the Chrome browser.

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