Align teams to your organization’s strategic priorities better as Microsoft Viva Goals becomes generally available

Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft announced that its goal-setting and management solution, Microsoft Viva Goals, will now be generally available. Viva Goals brings business impact and employee experience together, helping leaders drive business impact by ensuring their people are working on the most important things that will drive bottom-line results.  

Viva Goals helps teams to align to their organization’s strategic priorities and unite them around the mission and purpose. It enables customers to create clarity and alignment, ensuring everyone in the organization is focusing on the top priorities and clearly understands why their work matters. For this, Viva Goals leverages the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework, which is a proven goal-setting framework for creating alignment focus and building a highly productive and engaged work culture to drive business outcomes.  

OKRs align your entire organization to strategy and shift focus from output to the results needed to drive the business. Break down the strategy into objectives or what needs to be accomplished and key results. These results will indicate the progress towards achieving the objectives. 

“Businesses are facing levels of disruption and uncertainty, whether due to technology disruptions, macroeconomic conditions, or the continued impact of the pandemic. This makes the balance of driving business results and improving employee experience both more challenging and more critical than ever before. That’s where Viva Goals comes in,” said Lucy Hitz from the Product Marketing Team at Viva at the Microsoft Viva Goals session during Inspire 2022. 

Capabilities of Viva Goals 

Viva goals purpose


  • Create OKRs from scratch or use built-in templates 

create OKR

  • Understand the team’s goals in the context of goals up, down, and across your organization.   

OKR across organization

  • Connect work to outcomes with Projects and Tasks aligned to OKRs and ensure that every employee understands the impact of their work in driving the business. 

connect to outcomes

  • Customizable dashboards and automatically updating OKRs help leaders keep goals top-of-mind and offer insight into real-time progress towards these goals. 

customizable dashboards

  • Share the progress and insights across the organization using shareable links to dashboards.  

Share progress

  • Use the Teams messaging extension to communicate, collaborate, check in on goals and build a culture of conversation around the goals. 

messaging extension

  • With the Viva Goals app in Azure Dev Ops, keep business goals at the front and center of the place where work is happening.   

Viva in DevOpS

  • Viva Goals integrates with Microsoft Teams and other work management and data tools coming with Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Power BI, and other Microsoft 365 apps and services that are already in use at the organization. 

Viva in teams


The Viva Goal App easily integrates into critical systems of work like JIRA, Tableau, ZenDesk, GitHub, BigQuery, and many more 

Image source: Microsoft 

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