Microsoft teams up with leading institutions to launch AI Digital Labs for Indian students

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AI Digital Labs

Microsoft has launched an AI Digital Labs in India in collaboration with 10 higher educational institutions in the country. With this initiative, the company aims to skill nearly 1.5 lakh students for a future-ready workforce.

The partner educational institutions include BITS Pilani, ISB, BML Munjal University, Kalpataru Institute of Technology, Periyar University, KL University, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Karunya University, SVKM (NMIMS) and Trident Academy of Technology.

Microsoft said that these institutions will emerge as learning centers of intelligent technologies and innovation hubs of path-breaking solutions. With AI Digital Labs, Microsoft and these partners will provide infrastructure, curriculum, training, access to cloud and AI services and dev tools and support.

This will help the freshers to acquire skills needed to fill the demand of the future across India and the global economy.

“As AI becomes mainstream, organizations will require talent with skillsets that are very different from what exist now. Educators and institutions are integral to the skilling revolution taking root in the country. With the right technology infrastructure, curriculum and training, we can empower today’s students to build the India of tomorrow,” said Anant Maheshwari, President, Microsoft India.

With the commitment to developing skills for a future-ready workforce, the software giant introduced a three-year old training program which will include workshops in data sciences, cloud computing, AI and IoT to upskill the faculty. The faculties will receive support in content strategizing and curricula for project-based and experiential learning.

Microsoft has made a great commitment to shape the education and skills agenda. With AI and IoT undergoing rapid advances, enterprises will require people with the skillsets that are different from what exists today. The company has shifted the focus to empower the students of today to form the India of tomorrow with the advanced infrastructure, curriculum and training.

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