Microsoft To-Do gets Cortana integration and file attachments support

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Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is getting a couple of new features to make capturing of tasks and reminders easier for users. The new features include integration with Cortana and support for file attachments.

With the latest update (version 1.49), To-Do will allow users to add images, documents, or other files to their tasks. It will support all file types, given that a file can not exceed size of 25 MB per task. Users can also access files added in Outlook tasks, right from Microsoft To-Do.

Android users of To-Do can access all types of files, but they can upload only photos, as of now. Further, the file attachment support is currently available within personal lists. Microsoft will bring the support to tasks within shared lists with the future update.

File attachements in Microsoft To-Do

On Friday, the tech giant announced integration of Microsoft To-Do and its digital assistant Cortana. It will allow users to easily capture their asks just with a quick “Hey Cortana”. It will also centralize all the tasks across Cortana, Outlook Tasks, and To-Do. Further, users can sync these tasks across multiple devices.

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“With the integration of Microsoft To-Do and Cortana, you can easily get more out of your day. Just ask Cortana to simply remind you to work on that presentation at noon – she’ll add it to your tasks in Microsoft To-Do, and notify you as soon as the clock hits 12. Open the Planned list or Tasks list in Microsoft To-Do to find your reminders from across Cortana and Microsoft To-Do,” wrote Microsoft in a blog post.

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