Microsoft to bring ChatGPT features to Bing

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Microsoft Bing

Microsoft is aiming to revolutionize the search engine experience with a new version of Bing, set for launch before March’s end. This enhanced platform will employ ChatGPT technology to deliver answers in response to user queries, building on current features and introducing competitive edge against Google.

Leveraging the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft could make Bing a more advanced rival to Google’s Knowledge Graph. By deploying AI-fueled functionality in unconventional ways, Bing has the potential to provide personalized and interactive responses fit for any query – potentially revolutionizing search engine technology as we know it today.

Last year, ChatGPT revolutionized the world of conversational Artificial Intelligence. Leveraging GPT-3.5’s vast language model capabilities, it quickly became renowned for its ability to generate quality responses and essays on a variety of topics – from poetry writing to college essay composition even coding! While undeniably impressive in many respects, however, these feats are not without their flaws; among them being racial bias as well as an alarming willingness to present inaccuracies as fact.

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Microsoft integrates DALL.E 2 to Bing

Microsoft also uses the DALL∙E 2 for the new Image Creator from Microsoft Bing which enables users to create images they imagine.

Microsoft and OpenAI formed an innovative partnership in the world of AI, with Microsoft investing a whopping $1 billion in 2019. The collaboration has seen its latest fruition through the Microsoft Designer -the graphic design app within Microsoft 365- powered by cutting-edge technology such as DALL∙E 2 from OpenAI; allowing users to create stunning social media posts and graphics easily!

Microsoft will bring DALL∙E 2 to Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, allowing select Azure AI customers to generate custom images using text or images. Azure OpenAI Service gives customers an opportunity to explore the potential of AI-powered text-to-image generation and simultaneously maintain responsible compliance practices. With this, they can gain access to leading technology while ensuring accountability with Azure’s certifications.

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