Microsoft Teams updated with a pile of new features and app integrations

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft continues to transform its chat-based group collaboration application Microsoft Teams, adding a pile of new features and app integrations to enable seamless communication and effective collaboration.

Recently, the company added Direct Routing feature in Teams, new keyboard shortcuts, capability to view and edit Visio files within Teams, Office 365 app launcher in Teams web client, new apps, and more.

Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing service is now generally available. It’s availability in Teams will allow users to select their telecom provider, and make and receive calls while working within the software.

Teams will now allow users to view, edit, and collaborate on Visio diagrams inside Teams. Such capabilities were previously available for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files through Office Online. Microsoft has extended these capabilities to Visio files, so that users can make simple changes to diagrams without having to leave the Teams.

Teams web client now features the Office 365 app launcher, which will allow users to easily switch between Office 365 core apps like Outlook, Word, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Also coming to Teams are several third-party application integrations, allowing users to access a lot of services in one place. The new apps in Teams include Jell, RSpace, Zoho Projects, AttendanceBot, Bitbucket, CrewHu, Evernote, Jira Bot, Karmabot, LawBot, and more.

The tech giant has updated the keyboard shortcuts in Teams to include new functionalities. Users can access the complete list of shortcuts by typing ‘/keys’ in command bar, or by pressing Ctrl+. on Windows, or by visiting keyboard shortcuts in Setting drop down menu.

Teams is getting the bot chat feature which was announced at the Microsoft Build conference 2018. This feature is really interesting one. If a user sends an image to the bot, the bot will recognize the text in image and sends it back to the user as a file.

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Furthermore, the Teams is now rolling out for the US Government Cloud Community (GCC) on July 17th, with availability for all eligible customers by August end.

Read the full announcement from Microsoft here.

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