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Microsoft rolls out new Dynamics 365 apps powered by AI and mixed reality

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Dynamics 365 AI and Mixed reality

Microsoft is powering its Dynamics 365 with new artificial intelligence and mixed reality applications.

Dynamics 365, released around a couple of years ago, helps organizations tear down the traditional silos of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). The Dynamics 365 business applications come integrated with Office 365 and natively built on Microsoft Azure.

“With the release of our new AI and mixed reality applications we are taking another step forward on our journey to help empower every organization on the planet to achieve more through the accelerant of business applications,” wrote Alysa Taylor – Corporate Vice President, Business Applications & Industry, in a blog post.

  • Dynamics 365 AI applications

The new Dynamics 365 AI apps are targeted at sales people, customer service personnel and marketing teams. These applications will provide insights by combining data and infusing it with advanced intelligence to guide decisions and encourage enterprises make informed decisions.

For instance, sales executives can use Dynamics 365 AI for Sales to prioritize their time and focus on deals that matter most.

Whereas, the Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service leverages Microsoft’s AI and natural language understanding for surfacing automated insights about customer service data. These insights can help employees to act and leverage virtual agents to reduce support costs.

Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights is focused on marketing, social media and market research teams. The marketers can use it for improving customer relationships and make better decisions with market insights.

  • Dynamics 365 mixed reality applications

Microsoft is bringing mixed reality and business applications together with two new applications: Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Dynamics 365 Layout.

The Remote Assist will allow remote users to have video calls using HoloLens and help the front-line workers. The remote user can see through the HoloLens of targeted video caller and help them with the things.

On the other hand, the Dynamics 365 Layout can help users in creating 3D representations of places like a store or factory layout in CAD software. They can view the design in HoloLens and adjust it in real-time before making the layout live.

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The tech giant will discuss about October release of Dynamics 365 at Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Envision conferences next week.

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