Microsoft releases automatic migration and security updates for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

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SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Microsoft is rolling out updates to SharePoint Online and OneDrive to help enterprises automate their SharePoint migrations and prevent data leaks.

SharePoint is currently used by 190 million people for intranets, team sites and content management. To migrate on-premises deployments to SharePoint Online and OneDrive in Office 365, Microsoft had launched the SharePoint Migration Tool.

The SharePoint Migration Tool allows migration of files ranging from smallest set to enterprise-grade workloads, while bringing intelligence and security solutions with Office 365. It now supports Windows PowerShell, a framework used by IT managers to automate tasks and manage configuration.

“With these new capabilities you’ll be able to address scale migrations and deliver automated, programmatic migration solutions through the SharePoint Migration Tool,” wrote Bill Baer, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, SharePoint, in a blog post.

Another new update that became generally available for SharePoint and OneDrive is the idle session timeout policies. Microsoft said that enterprises keep sensitive data on SharePoint and OneDrive, which are accessed by several people from various places and devices. Sometimes the devices are left unattended, which can lead to data breach.

The idle session timeouts will automatically sign out users from SharePoint and OneDrive after a period of inactivity, as configured by the Office 365 administrators.

The administrators can configure idle session timeouts using the Windows PowerShell.

“Idle session timeout policies allow Office 365 administrators to automatically sign out inactive sessions preventing the overexposure of information in the event a user leaves a shared system unattended,” stated Bill Baer, in another post.

Additionally, Microsoft has also designed SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT) which will allow enterprises to diagnose and resolve pre-migration issues. It is a command line tool that scans the SharePoint content and identifies the impact of migrating server to SharePoint Online.

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