Microsoft relieves some pressure off IT departments with new managed desktop offering

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Microsoft Managed Desktop

Microsoft is relieving some of the pressure off IT departments with a new managed offering called Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD).

Integrated with Microsoft 365 Enterprise, device as a service and cloud-based management, the MMD aims to help organizations focus on their business while Microsoft manages their Windows 10 devices.

Since the Microsoft Managed Desktop relies on Microsoft 365, it will run in a consistent, lightweight, reference architecture that provides intelligent security capabilities.

“Our goal with MMD is to provide a great experience for users while keeping devices secure and up to date,” wrote Bill Karagounis, General Manager for Microsoft, in a blog post.

MMD leverages analytics for providing operational and security insights. Microsoft will use these analytics to monitor, improve and manage the MMD devices. For instance, the insights can be used to check which devices are ready for feature updates, or whether any app is blocking the ability of device to update.

“We have consistently heard from our customers—both large and small—that they struggle to keep up with the pace of changes in technology. They feel pulled between the requirement to stay secure and up to date against the need to drive more business value,” added Bill Karagounis.

“They are challenged to deliver the great user experiences that employees want and expect. And the sophistication of today’s security threats requires organizations to re-think how they deploy, manage, and secure assets for their users.”

A number of selected customers have already tried the MMD and shared their feedback. Microsoft said that it made several changes in Microsoft 365 for better end-to-end scenarios.

Microsoft is working with Lloyds Banking Group and Seattle Reign FC for deployment of MMD. Further, the company is joining hands with Dell, HP, HCL, DXC, Computacenter, Accenture/Avanade in the MMD journey.

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Currently, it is available to a small number of customers in UK and US. MMD will be available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in early 2019. Microsoft will learn from the feedbacks of customers and further improve both Microsoft Managed Desktop and Microsoft 365.

The new offering is expected to be available in other regions in second half of 2019.

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