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Microsoft launches AI and cloud powered healthcare solutions 

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Microsoft is releasing a set of new cloud and AI services to meet the needs of doctors and healthcare professions.

It had announced Healthcare NExT last year, which was an initiative to speed up the healthcare innovation using AI and cloud computing. Microsoft worked with leading players in healthcare industry to help healthcare providers, biotechnology companies, and organizations.

The tech giant announced general availability of Microsoft Genomics on Azure, providing cloud-based genomic processing services to healthcare professionals. Microsoft collaborated with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which treats and cures childhood cancers and other life-taking diseases. Microsoft said that Genomics is its most ambitious project which can decode the human immune system.

Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint: HIPAA/HITRUST – Health Data & AI, another healthcare solution to enable health data in cloud, is now generally available. It provides an automated and secure foundation to develop apps and manage sensitive and regulated data.

“Our aim is to make it easier for health organizations to move to the cloud and do so in a way that unlocks the full potential of data analytics and machine learning on that data. We are thrilled that leaders like IRIS and KenSci are using the blueprint to accelerate application development today,” wrote Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft AI + Research, in a blog post.

Microsoft expanded its Intelligent Network for Eyecare and announced AI Network for Healthcare. The company partnered with Apollo Hospitals, one of the largest health systems in India, to develop AI-based network which can measure the risk for heart diseases.

Microsoft 365 Huddle Solution Templates, the extended version of Microsoft Teams, will help teams in healthcare industry to collaborate at a single place. It can help in finding best practices by centralizing the ideas of all team members.

Another AI-powered solution, called Project Empower MD, will help in creating intelligent system that can listen and observe doctors when they’re doing their work or meeting patients. The learning system maintains the privacy and compliance, and helps doctors to build medical knowledge graph and recommendations system.

Project InnerEye can turn medical images into measurement devices using machine learning and computer vision technology. It will help radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and medical physicists to personalize treatment, improve clinical workflow, and spend more time with their patients.

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Microsoft will share more about the new solutions at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), next week.

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