Microsoft to integrate BrightBytes’s DataSense into its education products

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Microsoft DataSense

Microsoft is buying the leading data management platform DataSense from BrightBytes to integrate it with Microsoft education products.

BrightBytes is a provider of data analytics services to education organizations, and its DataSense is a premier integration platform as a service (IPaaS) solution for education solution providers and school districts across the US.

In modern education, data plays a key role to empower teachers and admins with insights, find issues, streamline inefficiencies, and personalize the learning experience for students. By integrating DataSense platform into its products, Microsoft will help educational institutions to better collect, manage, and control access to their data within Azure. It will eventually allow them to gain insights and personalize learning experience for students.

For example, Microsoft experienced success in the Fresno Unified School District, who saw increased performance from students in six of the ten subjects.

“Together with DataSense, we are committed to help schools migrate to the cloud, simplifying data management and providing explicit security and control over their data. We believe this school-controlled, secure starting point in Azure will make it easier to use analytics to help improve student outcomes, while also servicing the typical data transfer and management needs of a school or district IT team,” wrote Steve Liffick, General Manager, Education Strategy and Platforms at Microsoft, in a blog post.

With the acquisition of DataSense, Microsoft is also going to welcome the data management team of BrightBytes to its global education team.

“We are excited about the global acceleration this sale provides to our mission. Schools around the world will benefit greatly from capabilities across data integration, interoperability, and provisioning,” said Traci Burgess, CEO, BrightBytes.

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Microsoft will start integrating DataSense into its products in the coming months. It will be available as a single service from Microsoft that will unlock the power of data analytics for schools.

The existing customers of DataSense wouldn’t face any disruption.

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