Microsoft HoloLens gets a boost with the inclusion of new AI chip

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Microsoft’s second version of HoloLens – augmented reality glasses, will take company’s AR goals a step higher with the inclusion of AI coprocessor.

The announcement came at the annual CVPR computer vision event.

The coprocessor chip called “Holographic Processing Unit (HPU)” will have Artificial intelligence incorporated, per Harry Shum – executive vice-president of AI and Research Group.

With this, the new HPU will be able to get into Deep learning processing, which was earlier possible in cloud environments only.

The HoloLens will act as a holographic computer with its own battery, display and sensors.

It will process the information that will come from onboard sensors, head-tracking cameras, infrared cameras and the inertial measurement unit (IMU) said the company.

The additional silicon will boost the HoloLens performance and ensure user safety, per Patrick Moorhead – Principal Analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy.

The AI coprocessor will be available in the next version of AR headset and will run off the HoloLens battery.

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