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Microsoft and Fujitsu collaborate on AI to transform workplace experience   

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Microsoft has recently collaborated with Japanese ICT company Fujitsu to jointly build new AI-based solutions that can transform the ways people work in organizations.

The new solutions will be based on Microsoft 365, leveraging the insights from Fujitsu’s Global Communication Platform comprising AI technology, and Human Centric AI Zinrai, along with the Microsoft’s AI services on Azure.

“Expanding our collaboration with Fujitsu provides customers with yet another way to take advantage of the powerful and intelligent digital capabilities of our platform to drive more collaboration and creativity,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft. “Through integrations across our productivity suite and Fujitsu’s unique industry expertise, customers will have more tools to create and collaborate.”

Microsoft Graph will aggregate the big data generated through Microsoft 365, which will enable users to visualize the usage status of email and calendars. The Human Centric AI Zinrai technology prioritizes the tasks in emails according to the importance, enabling users to focus on high priority first.

The integration of Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service with Fujitsu’s AI technology and Zinrai natural language API, will automate the tasks and provide a human-centric user experience.

The new Knowledge Graph, powered by Zinrai AI, analyzes the characteristics of relationships in an organization, and can help in many services like finding the most appropriate person to launch a specific project.

The companies are combining the Knowledge Graph and Deep Tensor machine learning technology (developed by Fujitsu Labs), for accuracy in graph-structured data analysis.

It will provide insights into the way individuals and teams in an organization are working, and find the factors to improve the productivity, leading to true transformation.

“As AI’s presence in customer workplaces has grown, Fujitsu has been working to increase the wellbeing of people through technology, as part of our concept of ‘Human Centric AI’,” said Shingo Kagawa, SEVP and CTO, Fujitsu Limited. “This collaboration with Microsoft in AI will bring our relationship into a new phase, and I believe it demonstrates the fruits of digital co-creation. In order to create a prosperous future, we will work with Microsoft to generate new innovation.”

Additionally, Microsoft and Fujitsu are working at new customer development to develop around $2 billion of new business worldwide by 2020.

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The companies will conduct internal trial of new solutions in several countries to improve quality, which are expected to be available in Q2 2018 in Japan, and then globally.

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