Microsoft files patent for innovative, next-generation Surface stylus pen

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Surface stylus pen

Microsoft has filed a patent for a Multi-functional Surface stylus pen that will not only enable users to write/draw on Surface Notebooks, but also use it as a pointer. It will also feature a camera for capturing instant images.

The patent was published on May 23, 2019 by the USPTO, while Microsoft had filed it in November 2017.

The current stylus pens come with some limitations, like the positioning of the pen over screen sometimes obstructs the view. The new pen looks to overcome these limitations with the advanced features.

For example, the optical sensor or camera in the new stylus pen will enable users to control the cursor at a distance. it will have a button on the top, so that users can operate it like a mouse. The cursor will work even when the users try the pen on the wrist-rest part of the keyboard. It will make things more comfortable than touching the screen for every use case.

When users will remove the pen from the screen, the control of the pen will shift from working as an electrostatic to a short-range wireless channel, such as Bluetooth communication, near field communication (NFC), radio frequency (RF). Hence, the pen will work if users place it horizontally on a desk or any other thing.

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Microsoft’s new Surface stylus pen will automatically sense the pairing between the stylus and a touch-screen and selectively turn ON or OFF operation of the optical sensor.

Learn more about the next generation stylus from Patently Mobile here.

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