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Microsoft buys Express Logic, a real-time OS maker for IoT and edge

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Microsoft buys Express Logic

Microsoft is buying Express Logic, a San Diego-based company that develops a real-time operating system (RTOS) and middleware products for IoT and edge computing.

Founded in 1996, Express Logic is a leader in RTOS. Its ThreadX RTOS solution is one of the most deployed RTOs worldwide, having more than 6.2 billion deployments, as per VDC Research.

There will be more than 20 billion IoT devices around the world by 2020. Every IoT device will need some type of network connectivity and plenty of them will also need a graphical user interface (GUI). This drives the demand for RTOS and connectivity.

Further, RTOS will also meet the demand for the technology required to support resource-constrained environments, especially the ones that need safety and security. The products ranging from low capacity sensors used in lightbulbs to the ones used in air conditioners, medical devices, and network appliances can use Express Logic solutions and accelerate time to market.

Effective immediately, Express Logic’s engineering staff will join Microsoft along with the ThreadX RTOS and supporting software technology. It will complement the existing premier security offerings of Microsoft in the microcontroller arena, including Azure Sphere.

“Our goal is to make Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS available as an option for real time processing requirements on an Azure Sphere device and also enable ThreadX-powered devices to connect to Azure IoT Edge devices when the IoT solution calls for edge computing capabilities,” wrote Sam George, Director, Azure IoT, in a blog post.

Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the terms of the deal, but it seems a big transaction considering the expertise and experience of Express Logic in embedded IoT development.

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In a separate blog post, CEO of Express Logic, William E. Lamie, wrote, “We are thankful and humbled by our customers’ loyalty and support. The significant growth of the IoT provides exciting new opportunities for our customers and the embedded market overall. Now as part of Microsoft, we believe our customers will be even better positioned to unlock exciting new capabilities of the IoT.”

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