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Microsoft to help ISVs succeed with new Business Applications ISV program

Business Applications ISV program

Microsoft is launching a modernized program for business applications ISVs (independent software vendors) that will help them accelerate app delivery and acquire more customers.

Called the Business Applications ISV program, the new program will consist of new and improved development tools and guidance, marketplace resources, joint field engagement processes, and go-to-market (GTM) support. This will benefit the ISV partners on technical, marketing, as well as sales fronts.

The business applications market is expected to reach $125 billion by 2022, up 43% from 2018, as per internal research commissioned by Microsoft. The ISVs will drive 57% of the business applications market.

Microsoft’s Business Application ISV program will assist the ISV partners to drive the market growth and position them for success.

To provide the highest-quality and secure apps experience to customers, Microsoft will add only the certified applicants to its ISV ecosystem. The ISV partners will get guidance and required resources to meet the requirements of the program.

The new program will also accelerate the deployment of PowerApps and the apps based on Dynamics 365.

“From how we provide better tools in the platform for ISVs and developers, to new program offerings, and alignment with Microsoft’s broader ISV efforts, we are looking holistically at how we can better serve our ISV partners,” wrote Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President – AI & ISV Engagement at Microsoft, in his LinkedIn post.

“In talking with ISVs over the last few months there is excitement for the future while acknowledging that changes are needed to achieve it.”

Under the program, the ISVs will be able to independently verify the apps they develop for Dynamics 365 Customer Experience, and PowerApps for AppSource.

Other than getting certified initially, the apps will also need to be recertified periodically to keep everything updated.

For marketing and sales, the partners will get co-sell ready materials, a Microsoft case study, a 20-30 second commercial, telesales campaign, workshops, etc.

The tech giant is also improving the app submission process for ISVs and the way customers discover those apps. During the first phase of the program, the app submission process will be streamlined from the Cloud Partner Portal, AppSource, DevCenter, and others into a unified Partner Center solution.

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The new Business Application ISV program will be launched in mid-July this year.

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