Microsoft brings AI to business intelligence, announces new AI features in Power BI

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New Power BI features

Microsoft’s intelligent business analytics service platform – Power BI, is getting high on artificial intelligence with the newly announced AI features available in preview.

Power BI has been successfully applying AI through its smart capabilities like natural language and quick insights. These capabilities enable users to ask questions in plain English and automatically find patterns in a given set of data.

Taking a major step toward incorporating AI into business intelligence, the Redmond company announced four new features in Power BI – image recognition, key driver analysis, build your own machine learning models, and integration of Azure machine learning with Power BI.

New Azure Cognitive Services capabilities in Power BI

Under the new feature, Azure Cognitive Services capabilities have been introduced into Power BI. This gives users a powerful way to excerpt information from different sources like documents, social media and images. They have the capability to identify named entities and recognize objects in the image.

It can identify what your customers/visitors are saying about your hotel through it, for example.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Key Driver Analysis feature

Another interesting feature is the key driver analysis that is able to identify the key performance indicators that measure a business’s success. It can automatically surface those things that matter the most for any organization, individual or enterprise success.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Build your own ML models

The new feature empowers business analysts to build their own ML models without any coding. Unlike the automated machine learning feature in Azure Machine Learning which largely targets data scientists or developers, in Power BI this has been simplified and broadly made available for general uses.

Thus, when an analyst builds a model in Power BI, all algorithms are selected automatically within few clicks.

It can be used to build models to identify an open sale opportunity, for example.

Image Credit: Microsoft

Integrate ML models with Power BI

With this new feature, the Azure ML models built by data scientists can now be easily shared with business analysts. This facilitates faster collaboration between the two.

All the above features does not require any coding. Power BI users will be able to discover hidden and actionable insights and drive better business results with improved role and access to AI.

Microsoft has been closely working around making AI accessible to all – whether its an individual or an organization. To make this possible, it is infusing AI across all its major products and services to extend human and machine capabilities. This will foster faster innovation by developers and partners.

The new features are available in preview, users can sign up for the preview to try them.

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