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Microsoft announces updates to calendar features for Android and iOS

Microsoft announces updates to calendar features for Android and iOS

Microsoft has updated its Outlook mobile app for Android and iOS with new calendar features including the ability to sync shared calendars to phones, and to manage and RSVP to recurring events.

Users can now view and edit Outlook calendars the way they do with their mobile calendars, and can share them with others. All shared calendar details will be synced to Outlook.

The assistants or employees sometimes manage Outlook calendars for others at work. The new features will now let them do it directly from the mobile app instead of laptops so that they can perform a wide range of functions including managing delegates, and accepting delegation requests on the go. The meeting invitations in the new calendar also notify if they are for the user or the person they are managing a calendar for.

Microsoft has also added support for Meetup – a new Calendar app, by building on its existing Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist integrations in Outlook calendar. Meetup makes it possible to bring people together with similar interests which help them learn new skills or network with others. Users can now keep track of upcoming meetups in Outlook calendar once it is connected to Meetup account.

New features also include the ability to create and manage recurring events on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Users can accept or decline a particular invitation to an event series instead of accepting them all or rather deleting the whole event series.

Microsoft has added a feature from its iOS Outlook app for the Android users. They can now view the availability of their colleagues while scheduling a meeting.

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The new features of adding a message while responding to a meeting invite, setting an event as private and marking status features as Busy, Free, OOO or Tentative in Outlook Calendar are available only on iOS as of now, but will soon be available on Android as well.

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