Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade expand their long-term partnership, now jointly offer intelligent cybersecurity solutions

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Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade have expanded their strategic alliance to develop, integrate and bring enhanced cyber-defense products to market and help clients detect, investigate and respond to cyberthreats. It is a multiyear, multi-million dollar collaboration which had begun back in 2000.

“The expanded collaboration brings together Accenture’s deep cybersecurity, industry and digital business transformation expertise, Microsoft’s innovative technology platforms and services as well as Avanade’s focus on digital innovation in the Microsoft ecosystem to address the most pressing cybersecurity challenges. Together, we will move the market forward and help clients more effectively manage and guard against the full spectrum of cybersecurity threats.” – Kelly Bissell, managing director, Accenture Security.

As per Accenture Security Index, above 70% of the organizations are not capable of identifying and protecting their corporate data, which also impacts their finances. Organizations are paying about $1.7 million per year for cybersecurity, which is 23 percent more as compared to the last year.

In spite of investing heavily on cybersecurity, organizations don’t get the desired results. This strategic alliance will be able to move the market forward and will effectively help clients in guarding the full spectrum of cybersecurity threats.

“Our joint customers expect us to provide the best options in strategic planning, technology and execution to accelerate their secure digital transformation,” said Ann Johnson, Microsoft worldwide vice president, Enterprise and Cybersecurity. “By extending our longstanding strategic alliance, we bring together Microsoft’s extensive cybersecurity capabilities and services with Accenture’s managed security services and Avanade’s implementation expertise to ensure access to customized and comprehensive defenses, continuous monitoring and specialized cyber-skills that protect enterprises throughout their journey.”

The collaboration will initially span three core areas and the cyber-defense offerings will integrate joint threat intelligence-

1. Managed security operations

It will target the cloud, hybrid and on-premises systems, and will help in easily monitoring, detecting and responding to security breaches by enhancing the existing Accenture-managed security services by integrating advanced Microsoft security services and products.

2. Incident response support

It is a global, joint collaboration approach using tools and existing processes to help clients in returning to operating normally after a major security breach.

3. Integrated threat hunting

It will locate the previously unknown breaches by utilizing incident response expertise of the three companies.

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It is very critical to have right strategies and technologies in place to get and stay secure in a world where cyberthreats are increasing. The cybersecurity offerings using the strengths of Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade will defend against most advanced threats, while empowering organizations to innovate and operate confidently in a digital world.

The official announcement can be read here.

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