New Microsoft 365 features to prepare enterprises for trends in data privacy and compliance regulations

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Microsoft is taking a further step to help enterprises prepare for the trends in data privacy and compliance regulations. The tech giant has unveiled a number of new Microsoft 365 features, which include Microsoft 365 compliance manager, and new capabilities in Microsoft Information Protection, label analytics, and Advanced eDiscovery.

Microsoft 365 compliance center is a dedicated workspace for compliance pros that will allow them to protect and manage the data privacy risk of their organizations. They can manage all the Microsoft 365 services from a single place and gain AI-powered insights. These insights will help them improve their GDPR and ISO compliance.

New capabilities in Microsoft Information Protection will allow enterprises to classify content and apply labels to documents and emails right from Office apps on Mac, iOS, and Android.

“For example, a user working on a Mac can assign a “Highly Confidential” label while working on an important Word document. This results in the application of the appropriate protection policy, such as adding encryption and access restrictions or adding visual markings,” explained Rudra Mitra, Partner Director of Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance, in a blog post.

The capabilities in label analytics have been expanded so that customers can analyze and validate the way sensitivity and retention labels are used across Office 365 and non-Office 365 data. This can be done from the new label analytics dashboard in Microsoft 365 compliance center.

The new file plan manager in Advanced Data Governance will help customers to move complex retention policies from existing records management solutions into Office 365.

There are new capabilities in Advanced eDiscovery as well. These are aimed at enabling customers to interact with custodians and separate case-related content. Using the new review and redact capability, the sensitive parts of documents can be modified before presenting them for legal processes.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also integrated a new supervisory review experience, especially for regulated industries. This feature will allow enterprises to monitor the content in Microsoft Teams and flag sensitive data types and offensive language classifiers.

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Lastly, the new SEC 17a-4 regulation compliance management has also been rolled out for regulated industries to meet specific immutability and retention requirements.

“Privacy and compliance are deeply ingrained in the culture at Microsoft and embedded in the practices that are at the core of how we build and deliver our products and services,” concluded Rudra Mitra.

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