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Meta’s new social media platform ‘Threads’, challenges Twitter with over 10 million sign-ups. Know all details here

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Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has launched Threads, a new social media platform poised to give Twitter a run for its money. The Threads app appears to be an expansion of Instagram’s popular photo and video-sharing features, aimed at fostering a vibrant and imaginative community for sharing thoughts and ideas.

One of Threads’ key advantages lies in its close integration with Instagram, which allows Meta to tap into its vast user base and reach a considerably larger audience. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, excitedly shared in a recent thread, “We’ve surpassed 5 million sign-ups within the first four hours of launch!”

The timing of Threads couldn’t be better, as Twitter has been undergoing significant changes and facing criticism for restricting the visibility of users’ tweets. Twitter has also been plagued by frequent outages, significant layoffs, and a declining valuation since Elon Musk assumed control in October. Meta’s introduction of Threads as a viable alternative suggests a shifting landscape in the social media industry and a potential shift in power dynamics.

With its feature set and real-time platform, Threads is well-equipped to compete with Twitter’s offerings. The Threads app offers users a seamless connection to their Instagram accounts and provides a real-time text-based platform similar to Twitter. Users can compose posts of up to 500 characters, while also having the ability to share photos and videos lasting up to five minutes, according to Instagram.

What sets Threads apart is its independent profile customization, allowing users to curate a unique identity separate from their Instagram accounts. Additionally, users will have the option to auto-follow the same profiles they follow on Instagram, enhancing the sense of community and familiarity.

Meta is planning to make Threads compatible with ActivityPub, a technology that allows different apps to work together. This means Threads can connect with other apps like Mastodon and WordPress, creating new and exciting ways for people to connect and share on social media.

Threads is now available for iOS and Android users in more than 100 countries except the European Union. As users flock to experience the new platform, the battle between Threads and Twitter is set to heat up, promising an exciting era of competition and innovation in the world of social media.

How to get started with Threads?

To create an account in Threads from Instagram, follow these simple steps on both Android and iPhone devices.

  1. Download the Threads app from the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Open the app and click “Login with Instagram.”
  3. Enter your Instagram username and password.
  4. Choose to import your profile info or manually enter it.
  5. Select a Public or Private profile.
  6. Follow people from your Instagram account if desired.
  7. Tap “Join Threads” to complete the signup process.

With these simple steps, users will be ready to explore and engage with the Threads app’s features, connecting with a creative and engaging community of Instagram users.

This is flooding memes on Twitter

The Threads app has swiftly made its presence known, flooding Twitter with an abundance of memes and discussions. The app, which allows users to share their thoughts and ideas, has sparked both praise and criticism.

One Twitter user couldn’t resist taking a jab at Threads, suggesting that Meta’s creation was merely a result of keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+C+V. The post caught the eye of none other than Elon Musk, who playfully responded with a laughing emoji.

With its rising popularity and the curiosity it has ignited, Threads is undeniably making waves in the realm of social media, leaving users eagerly exploring its features and sharing their experiences.

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