Meffys Sustainability Award 2024 – Nominations Open

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Meffys Award

During Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, the popular Meffys awards from the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) will, once again, feature a special sustainability award. The MEF Sustainability Award will honour those ICT companies, within the global Mobile Ecosystem, who have made sustainability an integral part of their business activities.

“Sustainability is now an essential part of doing business. Every company must do what it can to mitigate climate change. ICT companies have a two-fold role to play; they can be more environmentally friendly themselves, and they can help other businesses to reduce their impact though a variety of technology solutions. This award looks to celebrates those making a real difference,” said Dario Betti, CEO of MEF.

The MEF Sustainability Award is available to all companies operating within the ICT ecosystem. The award recognizes an organization that has successfully implemented a sustainability initiative, introduced an ICT product or service, or a combination of both within the last 12 months. To be eligible for the award, the initiative must meet the following criteria: it must have contributed directly or indirectly to CO2 emission reductions, it must have been launched in 2023, it must have contributed to the NetZero 2030 targets, it should be able to be expanded cross-border, and it should inspire other companies and consumers to adopt more sustainable practices.

Last year (2023) Vodafone won the MEF Sustainability Award, with its Vodafone’s Devices Circularity Initiative.

“Taking steps to protect our climate for future generations is vital, and this award aims to showcase, and encourage, great sustainability initiatives, which will motivate other ICT companies, and consumers, to take action. The ICT industry has the potential to help other sectors reduce emissions equivalent to 10x the carbon emissions of the entire ICT sector. Imagine the difference that could make,” said Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, initiator of MEF Sustainability activities.

“The ICT industry must take sustainability seriously. Some forward-thinking companies are already making a real difference. We want to applaud those companies and celebrate what they have achieved, partly to thank them, and partly to inspire other businesses to follow suit. We hope this year’s MEF Sustainability Award will do just that.”

The nominations for the sustainability activity are completely confidential and should be sent to To submit a nomination, a PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 10 slides must be prepared. The presentation must include an explanation of the initiative/product/service and evidence of Scope 1/2/3 impact. Additionally, the countries where the sustainability activity was launched must be listed, and the reach and impact of the initiative thus far should be quantified. Finally, if any, the presentation should also detail the media campaigns used to support the initiative.

The nomination deadline is Wednesday, February 14th, at 23:59 GMT.

A panel of three prestigious judges will choose the overall winner.

This year, the judges are:

  • Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, MEF Special Board Adviser
  • Stephanie Raymond, Association Manager, Chapter Zero Brussels
  • Jasper van Drenth, Senior Director Partnerships from Direct Air Capture pioneers, Climeworks

The announcement of the winner for the Meffys Award is scheduled to take place on Monday, February 26th, during the MWC in Barcelona. The ceremony is set to be a glamorous and star-studded event with a red carpet, entertainment, food, and drinks, among other exciting features. The Meffys Awards is an excellent platform to gain insights into the latest ideas and trends in the industry and also to meet the winners in eight categories, one of which is sustainability.

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