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Media Advisory – CES 2023: Aurora Labs and Infineon Technologies Together to Demonstrate AI-Driven, Secure and Fully Redundant Over-The-Air Software Updates with Zero Downtime

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Demonstration this week at CES located in the Infineon booth #3829 at the West Hall

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#automotiveengineering–Aurora Labs, the leader in Automotive AI solutions, and Infineon Technologies, a world leader in semiconductor solutions, are jointly collaborating to bring new Over-the-Air (OTA) update capabilities to the automotive software industry. Aurora Labs will demonstrate its AI-driven OTA update and downtime prediction technology on Infineon’s AURIX™ TC3xx and TC4xx microcontrollers to deliver efficiencies by lowering data costs and shorter error resolution times.

OTA updates are already an essential requirement for today’s software-defined vehicle, where most car features are implemented through software. As cars become more complex and the pressure to bring features to market more accurately, the number of updates per year will increase drastically. Automakers need to reduce the costs for OTA updates and ensure the update experience is as seamless as possible.

Infineon and Aurora Labs’ collaboration brings the expertise of software intelligence, semiconductor solutions, and AI-based-based technologies to drive efficiencies throughout the software lifecycle from development, quality assurance, certification, and software updates.

“Infineon’s sensors and microcontrollers make sure our environment interacts on a continuously more connected and more intelligent basis, paving the way for future-oriented mobility. We are excited to cooperate with Aurora Labs, an innovative Automotive AI company focusing on cost savings and the user experience that drive software innovations,” said Lars Ullrich, Sr. Vice President of Automotive, Americas, Infineon Technologies.

Aurora Labs’ AI-based Line-of-Code Intelligence™ technology integrates into the Infineon AURIX™ TC3xx and TC4xx chipsets early in the software development lifecycle to create the industry’s smallest update files for 10x faster, more secure and fully redundant over-the-air software updates without the need or cost of additional memory. Aurora Labs’ technology offers significant economic benefits to the auto industry with a clear cost-effective value proposition, saving up to 98% of device hardware and data transmission costs for software updates with zero downtime, even without dual flash banks. With Infineon’s PPU architecture Aurora Labs’ Line-of-Code Intelligence technology can monitor the device software for behavior deviations to enable pre-error detection and downtime prediction, increasing the vehicle software quality, even on-the-road.

“Infineon’s commitment to functional safety combined with Aurora Labs’ Automotive AI is creating new cost-effective solutions for the safety and security of software-defined vehicles. With SDKs specifically developed for automotive software, developers can deliver state-of-the-art functional safety over the air to the entire car architecture,” said Zohar Fox, CEO, Aurora Labs.

About Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs is pioneering the use of AI and Software Intelligence to solve the challenge of automotive software development. Aurora Labs brings AI-based Vehicle Software Intelligence to the entire lifecycle of a vehicle from software development to testing, integration, quality control, continuous certification and on-the-road over-the-air software updates. Aurora Labs focuses on the embedded systems that are key to the development of the software-defined vehicle and enables automotive manufacturers to more efficiently manage software costs and the resources required to develop and manage new vehicle features and mobility services.

The Company’s products have been adopted on customer platforms around the world, and with a commitment to conform and meet ISO-26262/ASIL-D and ASPICE-L2, will be in vehicles in coming car models. Aurora Labs, founded in 2016, has raised approximately $100m and has been granted 93 patents. The Company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Germany, Japan, Sweden, North Macedonia, the UK, and the US.


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