Mac users to get Teams optimized for Apple Silicon

Apple silicon

Microsoft announced the arrival of a native Microsoft Teams app which is optimized for the Mac lineup with Apple silicon.

“At Microsoft, we are committed to delivering great product experiences that help our customers work easier and faster on their favorite devices. We heard from our customers who use Mac with Apple silicon that they want Teams to be optimized for their devices. We are rolling out a production grade universal binary version of Teams, which means it will run natively on the entire Mac lineup, including those with Apple silicon,” said Microsoft in its blog post.

With this, Mac users will be able to boost their performance, efficiently use device resources and get an optimized Teams experience while using multiple high-resolution monitors for calls or meetings.

Microsoft will be rolling out the generally available version of the native Teams app on Mac with Apple silicon in increments to customers during the coming months. Beta testing of this version of Teams was started by Microsoft back in April.

Apple started the transition from Intel processors to Apple silicon in Mac computers with certain models being introduced in late 2020. Apple Silicon aims to make the Mac stronger and more capable with its powerful features and industry-leading performance.

Microsoft said that all Mac users will be upgraded to Teams automatically with their most recent update. Once it becomes fully available, this new version of Microsoft Teams will be a “universal” binary. This means that the same version can run natively on Apple Silicon-powered Macs and Intel machines.

After Apple announced the availability of new Mac devices based on Apple silicon, Microsoft optimized Microsoft 365, Office 2021, and Office 2019 to be used in Apple silicon devices. The Microsoft Office release starting from version 16.55.1107.0 and later supports both Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs. Microsoft is offering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote as a Universal macOS binary, where the MacOS will dynamically load the most optimal app components based on the device.

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