Live events feature now available across Microsoft Stream, Teams, and Yammer

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live events in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced that live events feature is now generally available in Microsoft 365. The new offering is aimed to allow enterprises to create live and on-demand events and foster engagement between leaders and employees.

Live events will use video and interactive discussion across Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, or Yammer.

Enterprises can produce events easily using webcams and screen sharing for informal presentations. For formal events, they can use studio production setups with multiple cameras, microphones, and content sources.

The new functionality will allow up to 10,000 attendees to participate in real-time with HD video and interactive discussion. They can attend from anywhere using the web, mobile, or desktop apps.

For employees who are in different time zones or unable to attend live, the conversation keeps going so they still feel connected to leaders and peers, helping to overcome geographical or organizational boundaries,” wrote Microsoft in documentation.

People who have an assigned license plan are allowed to create a live event. The maximum length of the live event can be 4 hours. Admins of Microsoft Stream can make changes to settings and manage the people allowed to create events, see active live events, and see upcoming events.

After the event, enterprises can provide the recording on the event page, so that people can watch it according to their schedule. They can also catch up quickly with AI-powered features that unlock the content of the recording.

The AI-powered features automatically convert speech to text and add captions to video, and detect changes in speakers using facial recognition technology. This makes it easier for viewers to search for content in the recording.

Enterprises can reduce internet traffic and optimize network bandwidth for live events by integrating Microsoft Stream with video delivery providers that offer SDN/eCDN services.

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The live events in Microsoft 365 will soon get another feature that will allow enterprises to upload an updated and improved version of the event recording.

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