Microsoft’s LinkedIn gets new live video streaming feature

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LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is getting a new live video feature called LinkedIn Live that will enable people and organizations to broadcast video in real-time to selected groups or followers.

According to LinkedIn, the use of videos is growing faster on the platform along with the text posts and articles. With the new announcement, the company is taking its content sharing approach to the next level.

LinkedIn is one of the most used social networks, having around 600 million users. In June 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion and allowed the company to retain its distinct brand, culture and independence.

Talking about the new LinkedIn feature, a live video stream will have a red Live alert on the top left of a video in the feed, to indicate that the video is currently streaming in real time.

When a member of Page on LinkedIn goes live, the followers will get a notification (if the notification are turned on). People who join the live video will be able to comment and react in real time. Live video will allow users to react and comment multiple times, as well as option to remove the reactions.

After completion of live video, the Page or member will be able to set a replay of live stream. This will make the live stream available to followers in the feed. The live video will get removed if the replay isn’t enabled.

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According to a LinkedIn Help page, “Live video streaming allows broadcasters to share videos with their network in real time.”

“We’re currently piloting live video streaming with a few broadcasters, so the feature isn’t currently available to all members. After a trial period, we’ll open applications for members and Pages to become broadcasters on LinkedIn.”

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