LinkedIn is migrating its entire workload to Azure cloud

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LinkedIn on Tuesday announced that it is migrating its entire workload to Microsoft Azure cloud. The company has entrusted all the critical data to its parent company – Microsoft.

A business and employment service-oriented company, LinkedIn claimed that it has more than 645 million members with 20 million jobs to trade for. With technology increasingly reinventing, LinkedIn looks to scale its data infrastructure to drive the next stage of growth.

The company was acquired by Microsoft 3 years ago, and the decision to migrate its system to Azure seems a reliable choice.

Writing in a blog post, LinkedIn’s Senior Vice President of Engineering, Mohak Shroff said, “In recent years we’ve leveraged a number of Azure technologies in ways that have had a notable impact on our business.”

“The agility, capacity and elasticity that Azure provides has allowed us to accelerate video post-delivery, improve machine translation in the Feed and keep inappropriate content off our site. That success, coupled with the opportunity to leverage the relationship we’ve built with Microsoft, made Azure the obvious choice.”

Shroff confirmed that it may take at least three or more years to complete the migration. This will be a gradual migration and the workloads to Azure would be shifted over time.

“The cloud holds the future for us and we are confident that Azure is the right platform to build on for years to come,” Shroff added.

Microsoft recently released results for its Q4 FY19 earnings, which saw total revenue growth of $33.7 billion. Azure revenue helped the company to beat analyst expectations and cross the $1 trillion market capitalization.

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