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Leading DeFi Platform Level01 Secures Millions Ahead of Upcoming STO Listing

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HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Level01, a leading DeFi platform for AI-guided derivatives trading for financial, commodities and digital asset underlyings, has today announced the launch of the private placement subscription offer for its upcoming STO (Security Token Offering) Public Listing in Asia scheduled at the end of this year.

Since the FinTech’s launch in 2018, Level01 has successfully listed its utility token LVX on 3 major digital exchanges and developed a groundbreaking AI called “FairSense” that predicts fair values and probability rates of tradable assets on its DeFi platform and App. The DeFi platform was launched earlier this year on Google PlayStore to great reception, with users increasing at a steady pace. During this time the company has generated over $10m USD in revenue from token sales from thousands of investors, whilst reporting a $2m Net Profit last financial year.

Recently Level01 announced major strategic partnerships with Bloomberg and leading FinTech Wealth Investment Network Platform AGDelta, a provider of conventional , alternative and digital asset investments to banks, asset managers and family offices/intermediaries in Asia Pacific. Both these partnerships create the unique foundation to bridge new opportunities for the $542 Trillion OTC Derivatives market for Level01 and it’s institutional and direct clients.

A private placement will be open till the end of this year for a select group of Institutional, Family office and Accredited High Net Worth investors. Existing LVX tokens in Level01’s Treasury will be subscribed with Fiat or pre-approved digital assets, with a pre-defined conversion to the planned newly issued Securities Tokens (LV1) as part of the Public STO Listing. Level01 plans to list (subject to final approval) on Fusang Exchange’s Main Board – one of Asia’s first fully regulated Digital Stock Exchange who recently had announced a landmark $3billion USD digital bond issuance and other digital issuances in the region.

The new Securities Token will offer a revenue share on fee-income derived from the platform, with those returns fully backed by purchased gold assets, being one of first in the region to offer such security to investors.

The STO team will be led by Heritage Horizon Capital (Strategic Sponsor) supported by Digital FinTech Partner (AGDelta), Legal Advisor (GLT Law) and Audit Firms in Hong Kong and Malaysia (K.L Tong & Co and Yong & Leonard).

On the upcoming STO, Founder & Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Loi said “We’re delighted with the momentum in the business, our new strategic partners and the overwhelming interest and support for our upcoming STO. The Digital Assets and DeFi space is moving at a rapid pace. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort developing unique IPs that will position our clients and us to benefit and win from the convergence between conventional & DeFI. Our team saw it was great timing to differentiate not only with launching on a leading & fully licensed Digital Securities Exchange and the quality assurance that the entire process brings but to launch a unique token that enables our investors to share in the revenues that are derived with the backing of purchased gold assets”.

“We’ve always strived for equal rights and fairness in our daily lives, and this is what Level01 brings to the financial markets – to level the playing field for everyone. The tremendous response to our pre-STO offer shows that people believe in our vision of creating the Ultimate Fair DeFi Platform that will democratize finance for everyone.” adds Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Adam Ooi

“Derivatives based trading & structured investment strategies have always been a little opaque & inaccessible to many investors. Our platform aims to make a range of conventional, alternative & digital assets more accessible, safer and relevant to our Institutional, Family office & Ultra High Net Worth clientele. Level01’s DeFi platform offers a tremendous new channel to leverage this further in the blockchain/DeFi space and we look forward to forging a new frontier for the financial markets with Jon, Adam and the Level01 team” comments Chief Executive Officer at Digital FinTech Partner AGDelta, Andrew Au

Level01 is the future of DeFi derivatives trading

Being the first platform to market to leverage artificial intelligence with DeFi and derivatives trading is a major competitive advantage in financial & digital asset markets. This approach provides fairness and security on a scale cryptocurrency enthusiasts and derivatives traders have never experienced before.

With such innovations, Level01 is leading the charge to revolutionize derivatives trading and open this traditionally complex market to wider accessibility. Combining the most powerful technologies into a user-friendly and transparent DeFi platform puts Level01 far ahead of the competition. In all likelihood, Level01 represents the future of the multi-trillion derivatives market.


Charles Wong
Level01 Technologies Limited