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Latest version of Red Hat OpenStack Platform focused on hybrid cloud and digital transformation

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At the OpenStack Summit 2018, Red Hat announced , the latest version of its cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform– Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.

RHOP 13 will evolve the IT infrastructure into a more agile and efficient environment, so that the enterprises can easily adopt the emerging technologies like hybrid cloud and digital transformation.

It is based on the OpenStack Queens to benefit organizations with mission-critical workloads, as well as the ones who are investing in containers, NFV, edge computing and machine learning.

RHOP 13 features integration with Red Hat’s hybrid cloud services portfolio which includes Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Ceph Storage, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. It will help enterprises to build an on-premises cloud architecture which provides enhanced resource elasticity, scalability, and efficiency.

“An important component of any organization’s digital transformation journey should be a modern, flexible, and open infrastructure that can support the next-generation of applications and cloud services,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, OpenStack, Red Hat. “Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 offers a way for customers to take advantage of the key features of each OpenStack release, without sacrificing stability. With Fast Forward upgrades, Red Hat is bringing a feature to market that will help to simplify the OpenStack upgrade process for IT operations.”

The latest OpenStack release features Fast Forward upgrades, to simplify the upgrade process between long-life releases. This feature will allow IT teams to keep their environments updated with latest OpenStack innovations, resulting in reduced operational risk.

For the first time, Red Hat OpenStack platform will be able to containerize the OpenStack services, including networking and storage.

To bolster the security, Red Hat has integrated its security projects like OpenStack Barbican into the latest RHOP to offer tenant level lifecycle management of passwords, security certificates and keys.

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It is expected to be available in June through the Red Hat Customer Portal and as a component of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure and Red Hat Cloud Suite.

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