The latest developments in helpdesk software solutions

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helpdesk software solutions

As more and more businesses look to update and upgrade their IT capabilities, demand for helpdesk software solutions has never been higher. The right helpdesk software can completely transform the way a business approaches their customer service, so it’s not surprising that businesses place so much value in them, even though they aren’t visible to clients and customers.

Helpdesk software is developing just as rapidly as you would expect a major technology sector to evolve. Innovations are frequent, albeit becoming rarer, while regular iterative updates and improvements for software packages are the norms. With the market marching forward with such speed, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest developments.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Here is a quick snapshot of the current helpdesk software market, taking into accounts all the latest developments in the industry or you can simply hire an IT helpdesk provider in Boston or across the globe.

Adherence to ITIL

One thing that we are seeing across the full spectrum of the currently available helpdesk software is an adherence to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service framework. This is an established services framework that has previously been used by only a narrow range of IT professionals. It is mostly associated with the IT management companies. However, we are increasingly seeing helpdesk software providers also adhering to the ITIL standards.

ITIL is composed of a series of best practices that businesses can adopt. The more advanced helpdesk software platforms today tend to adhere to ITIL. It is not an essential requirement, but it does make sense for larger businesses. Businesses like SysAid who adhere to ITIL are able to offer a larger feature set to businesses of all sizes. SysAid technologies have been recognized as champion by the Info-Tech Research Group and are one of the industries’ key leaders.


Chatbots are part of the broader trend toward automation and represent one of the first and most obvious implications of Machine Learning (ML) technology. It is hoped that ultimately, we will have chatbots who are indistinguishable from a human being. These chatbots will be able to guide customers in need of assistance towards solutions much more efficiently than a human would be able to.

If the technology behind chatbots is perfected, they will be game-changing for the industry. The amount of attention that they are already receiving from businesses across the board is a testament to how seriously this technology is taken.

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Cloud + On-Site

Cloud computing continues to be a transformative force across the IT landscape. It should come as no surprise to learn that it is also revolutionizing the way helpdesk software works. The potential ways that cloud technologies can be used to improve helpdesk software are obvious and the industry has been quick to take advantage.

However, we are still seeing many helpdesk software providers also offering to provide on-site support as part of the package they offer. This isn’t indicative of hesitance towards the cloud, rather, it aims to satisfy the need for businesses to have a human point of contact. Without on-site interactions, everything is done through computer screens.

Helpdesk software is constantly evolving. The above trends are just some of the latest and most important ones. No doubt, within a year or so, we will be seeing new trends emerge.

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