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Kudelski Group and Pepper IoT join forces to secure IoT devices

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Leading digital security firm Kudelski Group is joining hands with Pepper IoT, the well-known IoT service provider, to secure the internet of things (IoT) devices.

According to Gartner, there will be around $20.4 billion IoT devices globally by 2020. This is an enormous growth in the number of connected devices. However, the security of these devices remains a concern for IoT service providers, retailers and customers.

The increasing number of IoT devices is widening the attack surface every year. Attackers are looking for vulnerabilities in these devices to carry out DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, and steal the confidential data of consumers from homes and offices.

The partnership between Kudelski and Pepper IoT aims to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats. The companies will offer tools and services to manufacturers of IoT devices to add security in these devices right from the time of manufacturing.

“It is terrifying to see millions of vulnerable connected devices being distributed to U.S. consumers who have no idea how their personal data is being used – and how easy it is for hackers to access their home Wi-Fi networks through these devices.” said Scott Ford, CEO at Pepper IoT.

“For many reasons, IoT data and communications must be managed in the country of device purchase – and devices must be designed to protect against cyber security breach.”

Kudelski Group has over 30 years of experience in developing software and hardware-based security solutions, possessing expertise in cybersecurity advisory, testing and managed services. The company delivers its solutions via Cyber Fusion Centers in the US and Switzerland.

It provides Kudelski IoT Security Suite to secure connected devices. The IoT Security Suite is a comprehensive set of services to make IoT security simple, scalable and sustainable.

On the other hand, Pepper IoT provides a flexible, multi-tenant and secure IoT platform that allows enterprises to design, launch, manage and monetize large-scale IoT services.

The partnership will bring together Kudelski IoT Security Suite and Pepper IoT platform to protect consumer data on IoT devices.

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“Consumers have a right to, and an expectation of, privacy regarding the devices in their homes that they interact with on a daily basis. Retailers and service providers have a duty to ensure the devices they are selling have proper privacy and security safeguards,” said Jean-Michel Puiatti, SVP of IoT security at Kudelski Group.

“By combining Pepper IoT’s powerful IoT operating system and service delivery platform with Kudelski’s expertise in device and data protection, we are working to secure IoT devices from the moment they’re manufactured through their long-term use in consumers’ homes.”

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