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Kinos Medical Merges with restor3d

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DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3dprinting–restor3d is pleased to announce an exciting merger with Kinos Medical, a leading total ankle replacement company.

restor3d (Durham, NC), a leader in patient-specific 3D printed implants, is pleased to announce an exciting merger with Kinos Medical, a leading total ankle replacement company. restor3d (Durham, NC), was founded with a mission to enable surgeons to repair and reconstruct the human body using 3D printing technologies, advanced biomaterials, and artificial intelligence. In 2018, the company invested in significant infrastructure and in-house manufacturing capabilities to expand its offering of implants in orthopedic and spine indications. With a robust pipeline of products slated for regulatory submission, recent FDA clearances include osteotomy wedges and cervical interbody fusion implants. The merger with Kinos Medical (Wayne, PA) will accelerate restor3d’s expansion into the high-growth foot and ankle market in the U.S.

Kinos was founded in 2017 to translate and commercialize Coulter Foundation funded biomechanics research, led by professor Sorin Siegler, Ph.D. Together as an interdisciplinary team of clinical thought leaders, engineers, scientists, and investors, “Kinos is focused on improving the surgical options available to preserve motion in patients with ankle arthritis. The Axiom total ankle is the first biomechanically accurate implant on the market, offering motion in all three anatomic planes, as is seen in the natural ankle,” said Brian Garvey, CEO of Kinos Medical. “We are thrilled to partner with the restor3d team to combine our advanced technologies into a holistic product offering.”

restor3d and Kinos share an uncommon, persistent dedication to science and technology in the pursuit of improving patients’ outcomes and healthcare, and I am very excited to have found peers in arthroplasty whose products reflect this,” said Andy Miller Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of restor3d. By merging the two companies, we will be able to apply our technologies to provide advanced solutions in new device applications that are outside restor3d’s current scope, first in foot and ankle, and then followed by other areas of medicine. The unique combination of expertise between restor3d and Kinos will lead to products that are truly at the leading edge.”

Ken Gall Ph.D., a Professor at Duke University and co-founder of restor3d adds, “My belief is that surgical reconstructions of the future will be performed with implants that are tuned to the anatomy, biomechanics, and tissue biology of individual patients and explicitly designed and improved based on data sets of pre- and post- operative clinical data. The combination of these two thriving businesses is an exciting step towards this future.”

The Kinos portfolio mirrors the vision of Restor3d, where pre-operative planning, superior implant design and intraoperative guidance is seamlessly tailored to the individual needs of the patient and surgeon.

About restor3d:

restor3d enables surgeons to improve the reconstruction and repair of the human body through 3D printed implants with enhanced anatomical fit and superior integrative properties. Leveraging expertise and experience in 3D printing of key biomedical materials spanning a wide range of properties, restor3d seeks to improve medical device solutions.

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