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Key takeaways from Evolve IP’s 2018 Cloud Adoption Survey

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2018 Cloud Adoption Survey

Evolve IP recently released the report of 2018 Cloud Adoption Survey which reveals the current cloud adoption trends and future of cloud deployment. The survey of over 1500 executives and IT professionals found that cloud computing is the future model of IT.

“Executives and senior IT leaders have been championing the Cloud in their organizations for years and we are now seeing a dramatic increase in support from IT managers and the teams implementing Cloud solutions,” said Tim Allen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer and Founding Partner of Evolve IP. “Now that Cloud services are nearly universally accepted, and adoption is over ninety percent, the challenge for organizations has become how to strategically unify their current Cloud solutions, while seamlessly integrating them with existing applications and new Cloud services.”

Here are the key findings from 2018 Cloud Adoption Survey by Evolve IP:

1. Data Security: Cloud vs On-premises datacenters

Majority of respondents said that the cloud is safer than on-premises datacenters when it comes to data security. The favors for cloud and datacenters varied a little on the basis of incidents.

For environmental incidents, 91% organizations choose cloud, while 9% prefer on-premises datacenter. For hardware failure, 83.5% opt for cloud, while remaining opt on-premises.

The number of organizations in favor of on-premises datacenter was slightly higher when it came to malicious attacks, with 31.5% respondents preferring on-premises.

2. Keeping all the data in cloud will be the norm

92% of organizations believed that cloud is the future of modern IT, and have deployed their services in the cloud.

In 2013, 53% of IT managers considered themselves ‘cloud believers’, and the number has significantly increased over the years, reaching 72.5%.

3. Increment in budget for cloud services

46% of organizations said that their budget for cloud services increased over the years, while only 7% saw a decrease in budget.

In last year’s survey, 48% respondents saw an increase, while 5.5% had a decrease.

4. Cloud security concerns rapidly decreasing

As per the Evolve IP report, the number of organizations who report concerns about cloud security has reached the lowest number in 2018, down 9 points in last five years.

5. Adoption of Office 365 is on the rise

Office 365 comes with a broad range of tools that help companies make their business more productive by enabling teams to work smarter and improve operations.

According to report, 40% of organizations expected to evaluate or deploy Office 365, while 70% were planning to deploy it next year.

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6. Other key findings

30% of respondents said they would evaluate cloud phone systems in place of traditional phone systems. Around 75% of them would deploy the cloud phone system in next two years.

70% of the respondents required compliance for several verticals. PCI, HIPAA and SOX were the most noted compliances, according to report.

57% of organizations said that they would prefer to use a single cloud service provider to handle all the hosted solutions. It will simplify the lives of IT managers.

Images source: Evolve IP

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