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Key generative AI announcements affect global IT economies and reshuffle AI ecosystem, reveals GlobalData

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Key generative AI (GenAI) announcements made in recent weeks have the potential to significantly threaten cloud platform rivals and reshuffle the industry’s AI ecosystem, while directives by national governments will impact global IT economies, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

GlobalData has just released its first quarterly Generative AI Watch Newsletter, serving as a recap of the industry’s most salient news and vendor announcements. The newsletter is designed to enable enterprises to stay abreast of the steady flow of GenAI news hitting the industry, as they continue to grapple with the effect these emerging technologies, ecosystem, and security/ethics/regulatory issues have on their businesses and roles.

Charlotte Dunlap, Research Director at GlobalData, comments: “Cloud and application platform providers remain at the forefront of prominent GenAI announcements, determined to remain competitive by integrating GenAI capabilities into their core technology solutions and dominate in the ongoing cloud wars.”

The newsletter highlights major GenAI announcements that include Oracle’s enhanced partnerships with Cohere to help launch its GenAI initiative via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI); and Automation Anywhere, which is leveraging Google’s large language model (LLM) and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, to enhance its core intelligent automation solutions.

Dunlap added: “Vendors ranging from established platform providers to AI startups continue to emphasize their ability to provide ethical, responsible, and trustworthy GenAI solutions. For example, Salesforce announced in recent weeks that its AI Cloud’s Einstein GPT Trust Layer is aimed at assuring customers of its enterprise-grade data security and data privacy strengths. Startup Anthropic recently espoused responsible AI usage through a training technique called Constitutional AI.”

Beatriz Valle, Senior Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “In recent weeks, the technology industry has witnessed significant events impacting data privacy and security associated with GenAI. These events include new regulatory  efforts by national governments and adjustments made by technology providers to comply with those efforts.”

As an example, in its most important launch since the release of AI chatbot Bard in the US and UK in March 2023, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, unveiled Bard in the EU and Brazil, after complying with demands by European regulators.

Valle added: “At the same time, regulators in China are trying to strike a balance between censorship laws and market demands to prevent Chinese AI providers marketing from losing their competitive edge to foreign customers in this booming market.”

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