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Investment tips to make the most out of your money

Investment tips to make the most out of your money

Do you want to know the investments that will work out for you? If you are confused about where you should invest, check out our investment tips below.

Investing in something is a significant activity that everyone should do after earning money. Thinking ahead and planning accordingly can maximize the potential value of your hard-earned money. When investing, you have to make wise decisions regarding where to invest such money. People generally invest in property apartments or duplexes and then get the rental benefits.

Some people even rely on interest by lending people money when they cannot take a loan from a bank. After a specific period, they take back the money with a small amount of interest. These are just some of the many suitable investments. Let’s delve into some more details.

Set your goals

It is always best to think about the needs and wants that you want to fulfil through your investments. Setting clear goals is the first step for a great journey toward financial success. Follow these steps before investing in anything-

  • Check your budget with the inclusion of household expenses.
  • Never take a loan that will be more than 40% of your total salary.
  • Consider all your health insurance and other investment expenses before starting the plan.
  • Have an emergency fund to use when you need money urgently.

Depending on your commitment, there are three levels of plans to achieve goals. Those are-

Short-term goals

For short-term goals, it is best to have your money invested in less risky places. For example, saving in an account is an excellent way to achieve your short-term goals.

Medium-term goals

As for medium-term goals, debentures, bonds, shares, and other similar investments, medium-term goals require more money than short-term goals. You can set a goal to own a property in the next decade and plan your child’s further education.

Long-term goals

A long-term goal can take up to 20 to 30 years to achieve. Saving is not a good option for this, so you should go for more significant investments, resulting in excellent value after a long investment time.

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Find the best investment plan

Banks do offer loans or mortgages, but keep in mind that they don’t offer the same rates for every business or individual. It depends on how much profit the bank will make by giving the loan. You can also assume the role of the bank by giving people loans to succeed in their business. Always draft a legal agreement and follow all legal requirements before lending funds to anyone, so your money is well protected.

Difference between saving and investing

In the UK, the inflation rate is 2% per year according to the Bank of England. With that, if you put approximately 200 pounds a month in your savings account for about 25 years, with a 2.5% interest rate, you will get around 83,408 pounds.

On the other hand, if you put those 200 pounds in a medium risk type of investment for 25 years, you can expect to get 97,283 pounds, which results in a 13,875 pounds difference. Investments having different risk profiles yield different profit levels.

Understand the risk levels of the investment

Each investment has different characteristics. Some of them are riskier than others, which can indicate how much you might get back from it. In order to earn higher returns, you have to take bigger risks. It is like a “no pain, no gain” situation for everyone when it comes to investing. People must take some risk if they want their investments to generate a handsome amount of money.

If the risk is low, you have a strong chance of getting the money back, but you will make less that way. If you invest in high-risk investments, you can expect to earn at least 2 to 3 times more than what you would with the low-risk plan.

Invest in different investment types

There are various risky assets to choose from, and yes, there are also less risky assets available too. It is up to you to select the industry where you want to invest your money to make profits.

Putting money in different investment types is a popular investment strategy; this is known as diversification. Many companies would highly recommend that you diversify your investments if you are going to manage your investments yourself.

Few investments are easier to sell than others; in case you need money, you can get it quickly by selling them whenever you want. This is referred to as “liquidity”; the higher liquidity an investment has, the easier it is to sell or liquidate it.

Cost of investments

The cost of investments is a factor that is overlooked pretty easily. The costs of an investment are not the only thing to consider when selecting an investment. However, they are an important factor to be considered since they affect the overall return you can make from an investment.

For example, rental properties come with costs like legal fees, stamp duty, pest control, and building inspections. Also, land tax, council rates, insurance, and maintenance are some costs that you need to incur. This is why shared and managed investments have different types of cost structures.

Sometimes, these costs can be reduced using different strategies. For instance, when buying shares, the fees can be possibly reduced if any online broker is used. Brokerage fees are applied when buying any directly owned shares. Managed investments have their assets in various proportions. They require an extra MER or Management Expense Ratio. The MER is the value of the investment, and it represents the total price paid for the manager’s professional investment expertise in the industry.

Choose the investment that makes you happy

If you are comfortable with an investment choice, it will make you very happy. It is not only about the risks; you have to feel happy about your money’s influence. People usually do not love funding weaponry, gambling, tobacco, or adult entertainment. You can use your money to boost up companies that help society and affect the environment positively.

DIY investing

DIY investing will require both dedication and research. There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” If you are willing to manage your investments yourself, you need to put in a lot of hard work. You better dedicate yourself to stay up to date with the latest stock market and decide the best time to buy and sell.

Some people love challenges. They are the ones who will benefit the most from investing.

Managing team to work with you

There are various types of investors. Some like to take care of their investments themselves while others like to do something else and hire a managing team to manage their investments. There is a suitable type of investment for each type of person. Managed investing is more of a popular option, which lets the investor have free time to do other things.

However, you have to build a management team, depending on your risk appetite. Also, you can monitor the performance of your investments remotely when you want.

How hands-on do you have to be when investing?

Investing can require time and effort as we have said earlier, but there is more to it than it seems. Here are some steps you can take if you are willing to be more hands-on-

  • You can buy the individual shares and make all decisions on your own.
  • If you do not have enough time to be hands-on with the investment, invest the funds in OEICs or Open Ended Investment Companies and trust units. Here, your money will be used alongside that of many investors to buy a wide range of investment instruments.
  • You can go for financial advice if you are worried and confused about taking the wrong step.

Investments that you should avoid

High-risk products are recommended to be avoided unless you are confident that you will understand that product. We suggest going for high-risk products when you have more than enough money from low or medium-risk investments.


After reading all the above investment tips, it must be evident now that every investment type entails risk unless you are just saving your money in a bank. Investments provide opportunities that are not accessible through other saving mediums. Investment offers you the power of compounding.

It is up to you to find a good company and online brokers with lower fees who are willing to do well for their clients. Take the benefit of investments, and shop around to select the perfect option for you with the lowest cost.

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