An interview with Manish Bhalla, CEO – FATbit Technologies

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interview with Manish Bhalla

Online shopping is nothing short a revolution. With a huge demand for a marketplace where customers can shop items of their choice, entrepreneurs have found a huge business opportunity in the form of Internet.

We recently interviewed Mr. Manish Bhalla, CEO – FATbit Technologies, to know about creative web design, custom development, eCommerce development and more.

1. To begin with, give our readers a quick brief about FATBit Technologies and its journey since 2004?

The journey has been great so far. After 14+ years, we are 100+ strong and doing great in every realm of web services- custom development, eCommerce solutions, corporate branding, and EMarketing to name a few. We have successfully delivered 5000+ projects all over the world.

Our ecommerce platform, Yo!Kart, and other turnkey solutions like Yo!Yumm, Yo!Deals, Yo!Rent, FunAway have gained a strong foothold among the top ecommerce platforms.

2. Where did the entire idea of building custom web solutions come from?

FATbit was launched quite in the same timeline when Facebook came around, but I already had the idea way before that. It was a time when Internet and eCommerce were the talk of the town. The demand for custom web solutions was high and experienced web solutions’ providers were scarce. FATbit was born out of this necessity.

3. How FATbit digital solutions and services are different from the others in the industry?

Instead of creating one-size-fits-all kind of solution, FATbit takes pride in understanding the difference between various business models and creating systems that resonate with a particular niche.

4. Can you throw some light on the marketplace  solutions offered by FATbit and how they are of great help to the entrepreneurs?

With the rise of sharing economy and asset light business models, a huge demand for marketplaces has surfaced in last ten years. FATbit’s marketplace solutions are of a great help for the investors who want to enter this market and look for feature-rich, scalable, off-the-shelf solutions.

We have built a dedicated solution for each market to help them address the niche based needs effectively. If you want to start a new ecommerce business quickly, you can choose our readymade systems. If you have unique requirements, opt for the customization offered by them. These solutions are:

  • Designed in tandem with the market trends
  • Scalable, fully owned, and user-focused
  • They come with a 12-month free technical support

5. What was the idea behind the launch of YoKart?

Our vision while building YoKart was to create a simple yet powerful ecommerce platform that can help startups launch their marketplace as per their business goals & needs. Yo!Kart is a result of an epiphany: the market needed a readymade solution to launch a multivendor ecommerce website, but there weren’t many. And those that were there, either offered limited functionality or were exorbitant.

So we decided to come up with a turnkey solution that would be ready to launch in true sense. A system that will have everything a startup owner will need to launch a web marketplace. With years of research and continuous brainstorming, YoKart was born.

6. You also provide business consultation services, can you let us know something more about them.

Our business consultation services revolve around various spheres such as:

  • Business model evaluation
  • Product innovation
  • Digital marketing
  • Website performance

We leverage upon our thorough knowledge of the ecommerce world to help upcoming and existing businesses grow their venture better.

7. As a web solutions industry expert, which technologies or developments do you think will transform the industry in the coming years and why?

Since ecommerce industry keeps fascinating me, I’d say omnichannel approach will be the next big thing. As a matter of fact, it is already on its way to become a trend to follow. The walls between virtual shopping and traditional brick and mortar stores is thinning. Amazon Go is the best suited example for this.

8. Give our readers quick ten tips that can help them make their websites click with the customers.

Not ten, I would like to recommend a few things that can have a major impact on how your business is looked upon and identified by your audience online.  Website clicks are the bonus you earn eventually.

  • It’s time when users’ attention span is diminishing day by day. So attracting them to your website is not a cakewalk. I would suggest businesses to invest in distribution and expand channels so your business is available to them whenever, wherever they need.
  • As I said earlier too, future belongs to those who can offer customer-centric solutions/services,  and when it comes to ecommerce, omnichannel is the way to attain this.
  • Strategize to remain competitive. If you have the edge on your competitors; maintain it at all events. If it’s missing, reposition your brand to gain the competitive advantage.

9. What’s in the FATbit’s roadmap for year 2019?

For 2019, we aim at reaching out to the markets that are still in nascent stages from the viewpoint of digital commerce. The major bottleneck there is the absence of effective and affordable technology solutions. We want to empower digital businesses globally and deliver efficient, affordable solutions/services to aspiring businesses, future entrepreneurs, and growing startups.

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10. Any advice you’d like to give to today’s budding entrepreneurs?

Improving sales is not only about having more customers onboard. You also need to have enough vendors to make up for the increased demand. More vendors result in more sales, resulting in revenue growth. The key lies in establishing the quantity/quality balance. And always focus on quality instead of quantity. The primary focus while creating your ecommerce website should be on user experience.

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