“Connected devices, cloud platforms to play a big role in transforming healthcare facilities in 2019”: Sudhanshu Goyal, Founder, Health Gennie

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Interview with Sudhanshu Goyal, Health Gennie

With more than 12 years of experience in the US and Indian health IT industry, Sudhanshu is the founder director of Health Gennie which is a health IT company. He has worked as the Technical Director in the USA with one of the top health IT companies in the world. With vast experience in IT, which includes design, development, testing and Implementation, and analytics, he has worked with high profile clients such as New York Department of Health (NY), Department of Homeland Security (FL) Rothman Institute (Chicago), Mount Sinai (NY) to name a few.

We sat down for a quick chat with him before the year end and here is his take on the role of IT in healthcare sector and how is Health Gennie, a healthcare company utilizing IT to the fullest, is helping transform the conventional healthcare practices in India.

1. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of yours and a broad overview of Health Gennie.

I am Sudhanshu Goyal, B.Tech., M.S.(USA), LL.B. (A), Founder and Director at Health Gennie.

Health Gennie is a Health IT company, which provides complete digitization of doctors’ practices and hospitals. Solutions provided by Health Gennie are complete hospital and practice management systems, which include Scheduling, EHR, Billing, Lab Management, Pharmacy Management, Reporting and Patient portal.

Health Gennie also provides digital transformation of the practice which includes creating online presence in the form of website or portal, SEO and SMM services, creating logos, domain registration and hosting.

2. We have heard a lot about Health Gennie, your healthcare IT offering. What are its features and how exactly does it help doctors and hospitals?

Health Gennie helps in managing health care information electronically with in-depth data analytics and predictive analysis, which can help prevent future diseases and illnesses. Our passion to create a healthy environment for the society has resulted in a one-stop shop for all the health care IT needs.

Health Gennie provides Preventive Health Care concept by running campaigns on patients of similar types which can be designed by health care providers to provide care to patients proactively and keep them engaged so they are in control of their health which may help prevent future diseases and illnesses. At Health Gennie, we understand the challenges clinicians’ face, which help us in building smart and easy to use solutions for health care providers so that they can spend more time with patients and less time on technology.

Our product range includes:

  1. Appointment Scheduling
  2. Electronic Health Record system
  3. Pharmacy Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Laboratory Management
  6. Radiology Management
  7. Billing
  8. Campaign System for Marketing
  9. Data Analytics and Reporting
  10. Patient Portal and app
  11. Online Presence Development
  12. Digital Marketing
  13. Accounting
  14. Hardware and Networking

We also provide customized solutions based on the requirements of the organizations. We think that every organization should get a product, which gives them a complete 360-degree coverage. Our cloud-based product provides exactly that. A patient can be checked in when he comes for his appointment and then he can pay his bill and receive receipts online.

The provider can make a digital prescription of him, which can be shared with the patient digitally as well. The lab order can directly go to the in-house laboratory and the medicine order can directly go to the in-house pharmacy, where patient can simply go and collect his medicines. This completes the 360-degree of any patient’s visit to a doctor, which makes every transaction very easy for the patient, and the doctor.

3. Does Health Gennie also involve patients directly? If yes, tell us how.

Yes, it does. Patients can manage their entire health through Health Gennie. They can get digital prescriptions and manage their entire family health, right from their phone. They can manage their medicines, get appointment reminders, track daily health exercise and diet information and stay connected with their doctors by communicating with them through Health Gennie.

Health Gennie is coming out with a patient app soon, which will help them stay on top of their health. Health Gennie’s vision of “Creating Healthly Generations” motivates us in working towards creating an eco-system for entire health care sector in India.

4. What was your key driving force to develop a solution like Health Gennie?

After working closely with health care organizations in the US and India, we realized some gaps, which cause lot of hassles for doctors and patients at the point of care. We also found that clinical decisions can be made better by the doctors, if they can track patients’ health records and use them for patient care.

India is one of the countries where health IT adoption is the least and there is a great need now to digitize the health care in India.

5. Which modern technologies are powering Health Gennie?

Health Gennie is a cloud-based system which has been designed with a state of the art and latest technology and supports 256-bit encryption security which is the highest level of encryption available today. Health Gennie uses AWS servers which are HIPAA compliant, which is a global standard to manage health care data. The technology is scalable and has shown great results. Cloud based systems help doctors to start the product usage in less than a minute as doctors can just register on and start using the product, with no installation required.

6. You have been working in the healthcare industry for around a decade now. In your experience, how is IT helping in improving patient care and in curing diseases? Please share some examples with our readers.

IT in healthcare industry is playing a major role in improving patient care and curing diseases. With information being available electronically, it is easy to retrieve past health records faster. Patients do not have to carry big files now. They now have the convenience to take appointments or even do consultation with doctors right from their home. Doctors can also now make better clinical decisions by looking at the patient’s history which was not available earlier.

With preventive care concept, doctors can make patients aware of different kinds of screenings which may help in early diagnosis of some chronic diseases and illnesses which can be cured, if detected at an early stage.

For ex., by using Health Gennie, doctors can send messages to all the female patients older than 40 years and recommend them to get the mammogram (according to the WHO guidelines) done which can help in the early detection of breast cancer.

Other example is that a doctor can make all their patients aware of the flu season and recommend them to get the flu vaccine done before the flu season, so they can mitigate the chance of having a flu.

There can be many more examples of how Health IT can improve patient care.

7. Considering that most of the Asian countries are still in the developing stages, do you think these countries are prepared for technological changes transforming healthcare globally?

Yes, definitely. Asian countries including India are now well equipped with the infrastructure required to transition to Health IT. Almost every individual in India has mobile phones and internet is easily and cheaply available everywhere. This has open doors for health care to rely on the internet to provide patient care. It has also extended patient’s reach for health care solutions to a global level.

8. According to you, what will be the top trends that will dominate healthcare IT in 2019.

In 2019, more and more providers and patients will adopt IT. We see a good growth in the adoption of health gennie and other IT services. Lot of large and small hospitals are getting into IT adoptions and providing health platforms to patients for patient engagement and preventive care. Platforms such as tele health, connected devices, cloud platforms etc will play a big role in transiting health care facilities from conventional practice to advance systems. Mobile health is a big market globally and it will also see tremendous growth in 2019.

9. Other than Health Gennie, please let us know about your other services.

At Health Gennie, we believe in providing complete 360 degree services and so we provide solutions such as digital marketing, creating web presence in the form of custom websites and portals, digital hardware equipment, financial management, analytics and much more.

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10. Congratulations! Two years in the industry and three big awards and recognitions already. How does it feel?

It feels great to be recognized. It makes us feel that we are on the the right track and our vision to create a health care eco system in India can be a reality soon. It also motivates us to keep working towards our goal and learn as we grow.

11. What’s new in the roadmap 2019 for the company?

We will be launching the IT solutions for labs and diagnostic centers and pharmacies in 2019. We are also working on patient engagement products and Health Gennie patient app will be out in the first quarter of 2019. We plan to expand our team at different cities in India.


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