Discover the business value of AI and its impact at Insurance AI and Analytics Event 2019

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AI is projected to drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8 million in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020 across various industriesInternational Data Corporation (IDC).

AI is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. From Siri – Apple’s digital assistant, helping you manage your day at home and in the office, to self-driving cars all set to change the dynamics of the automobile industry, the impact of AI is everywhere.

The use of AI is multi-dimensional. It can be used to detect trends in data, mitigate market risks, enhance customer experience, analyze multiple documents, find compliance errors and do much more.

Businesses are using AI largely than ever before to drive business value. For eg, Airbnb is using a machine learning (ML) application to deliver its pricing features. Google Translator also makes use of ML to provide accurate translations. Various firms across multiple sectors like insurance, education, healthcare, automobile, banking and retail are increasingly trying to make use of AI to transform their business.

To help companies understand the growing importance of AI and data, and help them drive business value with it, Insurance Nexus is bringing Insurance AI and Analytics USA on May 2-3, 2019 in Chicago.

Insurance AI and Analytics USA – A Quick Glance

With the theme – “Driving business value with AI” the event will unfurl the significance of AI, analytics and data to deliver customer experience for value creation and automation.

The event will have more than 450 attendees, 40+ speakers, 3 in-depth tracks and will provide over 25 hours of networking. The speakers will talk about the steps that must be taken by carriers to integrate and invest in AI for growth, efficiency and seamless operations.

It will unleash game-changing strategies that can be implemented across organizations to deliver ROI in the product, customer service, underwriting, claims and product innovation.

Why shouldn’t you miss Insurance AI and Analytics event?

1. Walk away with practical strategies on how to drive business value with AI. This includes:

  • Uncover impact of AI in insurance and ways to improve customer experience through automation of underwriting process to deliver seamless claims.
  • Learn and develop strategies for the successful implementation of AI for robust business intelligence, data integrity and a complete view of the customer needs.
  • Learn how to exceed customer expectations through real-life examples.
  • Discover which business operations can be automated quickly for immediate gains and learn the application of new technologies like chatbots to improve productivity and reduce human errors.

2. Join over 450 senior executives as they come together to discuss core challenges and understand the latest technologies that can transform industry across all business lines.

3. In-depth break-out tracks on various topics – Underwriting and product development, personalized and automated customer engagement, efficient and customer-centric claims to deliver more with less and open design workshops where you can work with your colleagues to solve industry challenges together.

4. Discover the latest trends in the technological realm, backed with AI and edge analytics.

5. Witness expert speakers sharing their insights. Mentioning only few names here:

Thomas Sheffield, SVP and head of specialty claims, QBE.
Laurie Pierman, Vice President, Claim Operations, Amerisure Insurance.
Michiko Kurahashi Ph.D., Chief Marketing Officer, AXIS Capital.
Lee Ng, Vice-President, Innovation, Travelers.
Nicolas Sharma, Director Product, Argo Group.

6. Unparalleled networking opportunities with the coming together of business leaders – C-level executives; data analytics officers; pricing and actuarial; customer experience and marketing leaders; product development heads; innovation and technology leaders; and claims and frauds investigation officers.

Wire19 is the official media partner of the event.

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