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InGen Dynamics to Continue to Diversify Application of A.I and Robotics Technologies

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PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InGen Dynamics, a Palo Alto, based Robotics and A.I firm, raised a recent round of funding bringing the total funding commitment to $4 Million at the most recent valuation of $45 Million.

It has always been the goal of InGen Dynamics to solve complicated challenges in the real world by offering simple but highly functional solutions formulated through Robotics and A.I technologies. This is evident from the company’s mission statement, which is to improve humans’ quality of life by creating cost-effective, intuitive, and practical A.I and robotics-based solutions. To a much extent, the company has shown a high level of excellence in the industry to the point that its products have attracted attention and recognition from other international companies and groups such as IEEE, Robo-Business and Disney, Boston Consulting Group. InGen’s products have also been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Mashable, Discovery, BCG, and PopSci.

Originally, the company focused on creating A.I and robotics products for homes and social use. However, InGen has continued to broaden its products by diversifying its targeted industries to include security, education, and healthcare industries, among others. One of InGen’s famous products is Dynamix™, a set of reusable components designed using robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. According to the sources available, with enough funds, the company is expected to continue developing and expanding the adoption of Dynamix™ products and platforms.

The diversification of products and services offered by InGen can be traced to the character and intellectual excellence of Arshad Hisham, who is its founder and CEO. Arshad is an inventor, chief designer, engineer, and serial entrepreneur whose vision has helped shape the company. According to Arshad, InGen is primed to raise the necessary funding to fuel the future growth of A.I and Robotics technologies to solve the ever-changing problems being faced in contemporary society.

In what is seen as a significant step towards achieving this mission, InGen believes that it is on track to hit $100 million valuations in 2021. The Palo Alto, based A.I and Robotics firm said this after it carried out a round of funding led by Altrium capital, which continued with the momentum of fundraising with the investors of the last round closed in 2019.


Contact Person: Arshad Hisham

Phone: 001 650 353 5782

Address: 2345 Yale StPalo Alto, CA 94306, USA