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Infosys and AWS forge strategic partnership to drive cloud innovation in EMEA

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infosys and aws

Infosys announced a significant three-year partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently, aimed at propelling cloud transformation within the financial sector across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

This collaborative effort seeks to revolutionize the industry by delivering technology-driven solutions and sector-specific innovations to financial organizations in the region. The partnership, according to Infosys, will involve joint investments in go-to-market strategies and delivery capabilities, ultimately expediting the adoption of cloud technologies.

Infosys has been experiencing notable growth in the European market, reporting a substantial 5% increase in revenue (in constant currency) for the second quarter ending in September.

As the European market gains momentum, Infosys and AWS are aligning their efforts to formulate comprehensive strategies for the next three years. The primary objectives of this collaboration include expediting large-scale transformations, working closely with fintech partners to introduce innovative cloud-based solutions to the market, and investing in co-innovation to introduce novel products and services.

The combined strengths of Infosys and AWS are poised to deliver enhanced business agility, allowing them to respond swiftly to rapidly evolving market conditions and regulatory changes. This comes as organizations are restructuring their business models and increasingly migrating to the cloud, departing from traditional managed data centers.

Customers in the EMEA region are set to benefit from transformative cloud services offered by AWS, complemented by Infosys’ extensive domain knowledge and delivery capabilities. Infosys will also leverage its expertise in capital markets to revamp business models and modernize applications, thereby driving operational efficiency. The partnership seeks to provide increased business agility in response to dynamic market conditions and regulatory shifts, aligning with the trend of organizations moving towards cloud-based solutions and moving away from conventional data center management.

Key to this collaboration will be Infosys Cobalt, a platform strategically designed to harness AWS’s cloud-native innovations, including generative AI and data analytics. This platform will play a pivotal role in delivering industry-specific use cases, with a strong emphasis on achieving outcome-based results.

Also, Infosys is a Platinum-level sponsor at AWS re:Invent 2023. This year’s event will showcase Infosys’ Cloud-first, AI-first, and Digital-first offerings, highlighting the significant contributions of Infosys Cobalt and Infosys Topaz in driving innovation and transformation in the industry.

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