Indian employees report positive trends in workplace collaboration, says Capterra study

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workplace collaboration

Capterra launched its latest research involving 500 remote and hybrid employees in India to understand the state of collaboration in 2024. The findings shed light on employees’ attitudes toward meetings, the role of video conferencing, and the array of collaboration tools employed in their day-to-day work.

Collaboration Excellence: A Resounding Verdict from Indian Professionals

The study presents an optimistic outlook for Indian companies, as remote and hybrid employees express notable contentment with the current state of collaboration. Participants consistently highlighted well-organized meetings with clear objectives conducted at reasonable hours, contributing to a comfortable working environment.

workplace collaboration

Key Findings:

  • High Satisfaction Across the Board: Participants rated their productivity, relationships with colleagues and managers, and overall company culture with an impressive average score of 8 out of 10.
  • Meeting Preferences: While 44% of respondents reported an equal split between virtual and in-person meetings, 27% favoured virtual meetings, and 29% preferred face-to-face interactions.
  • Ideal Meeting Scenarios: In critical interpersonal situations like team bonding or meetings with managers, 61% and 62% leaned towards in-person interactions. Virtual meetings were preferred for high-level company updates, with 65% finding them more suitable.
  • Digital Collaboration Landscape: Email remains the dominant tool (68%), followed by document management software (51%). Video meetings and phone calls were prevalent, each endorsed by 49% of participants.
  • Emerging Trends in Digital Collaboration: The survey brings to light the enduring relevance of email in workplace communication while highlighting the transformative impact of emerging tools. Screen sharing (62%), in-meeting chat (55%), and content sharing (54%) were identified as top features contributing to engagement for virtual meeting tools.
  • Positive Sentiment: 47% strongly agreed, and an additional 40% agreed that their company utilizes software tools conducive to effective meetings.

Commenting on the survey, Sukanya Awasthi, analyst of the study, said: “Our research affirms that employers have adeptly embraced remote and hybrid collaboration. Employees express overall job satisfaction, with email surpassing video conferencing tools in popularity for collaboration. Virtual meetings, though widespread, don’t universally reign supreme. Respondents commend employers for providing the right tools, reflecting a successful adaptation to the evolving workplace.”

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