Imagination solves GNSS power challenge​ with new navigation and location IP solution

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Ensigma Location GNSS IP

British technology firm Imagination Technologies has launched a new navigation and location IP solution for remote devices that consume high-power.

Called Ensigma Location GNSS IP core, the solution will optimize the battery power for remote IoT sensors and edge devices, wearables, health monitors, consumer mobile products, automotive after-sales products and asset tracking devices.

Consumers of remote devices don’t like recharging the batteries frequently. In several industries, users track mobile assets for improved efficiency and reduced operational costs. However, the power consumption makes them recharge batteries too often which is not possible in disparate locations.

“One of the key things in these markets is power consumption. I always ask people, how often do you want to change the battery? And most people answer ‘Never’. Traditional GNSS receivers tend to require relatively high-power consumption…so to add GNSS into these types of equipment is a major challenge. We believe it requires a different approach,” said Richard Edgar, Director of Communications Technology, for Ensigma.

“GNSS is a way to provide timing and to locate equipment and livestock, and it’s also used in infrastructure for smart cities.”

Ensigma GNSS IP will allow companies to integrate PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) services into their silicon, while optimizing power consumption, and reducing overall system costs.

It will support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and several Satellite-based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) like WAAS and EGNOS. The company said that its Ensigma Location GNSS IP core has been designed to provide most efficient power and performance across all markets.

Built on the Ensigma connectivity engine that includes an ultra-low-power CPU core, the new solution supports power-efficient ‘capture and process’ for devices that requires periodic location updates.

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“Our customers are increasingly combining connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 802.15.4 with GNSS technology in one chip. Ensigma GNSS IP provides a power-efficient solution that they can integrate into their own silicon to save on the total solution cost,” said Martin Woodhead, EVP, Ensigma Communications, Imagination.

“And because the Ensigma portfolio includes support for 30 other connectivity standards, we’re also simplifying their IP procurement process. With Ensigma GNSS IP, customers can ultimately save on power, cost, and resources.”

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