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IFIE2020 Overview | Exploration and Construction of a New Education Development Pattern in the Coming 30 Years

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From October 16th – 17th in Zhumadian, the 7th International Forum on Industry and Education (IFIE) happened, hosted by the National Center for Schooling Development Programme (CSDP), China Vocational Education Association, the Chinese Society for technical and vocational education, and the Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Science Association, and undertaken by the People’s Government of Zhumadian City and Huanghuai University. Over 100 medias and over 5570000 people were involved.

Five speakers commented on undertaking the new education mission. They are Hao Mingjin, NPC Standing Committee be Vice Chairman; Sun Yao, MOE Vice Minister; Lu Xin, Chairman of Board of the Chinese Society for Technical and Vocational Education (CSTVE); Zhang Li, Secretary General of National Advisory Council on Education; and Chen Feng, CSDP Director.

Three speakers shared about understanding of the digital and intelligent revolution, high-quality education planning, and education governance system reform acceleration. They are Dr. Zhang Duanhong, Vice Director and associate professor of Higher Education Research Center of Tongji University; Liu Zhimin, Director of Department of Innovation and Development of CSDP; and Li Lingzhi, National Development and Reform Commission Vice President.

Type education

Two speakers discussed the history & future of type education, and the advanced professional postgraduate education. They are Xie Li, deputy director of the Vocational education and Adult education Department of the Ministry of Education; and Guan Zhiwei, Vice President of Tianjin Sino German University of Applied Technology.

Four speakers then probed into the question of how to train professional degree graduate students by integrating the industry and education. They are Luo Lin, deputy dean of the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation; Xue Qikun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice President of Tsinghua University; Tang Zhenghua, President of Changzhou Institute of Technology; and Liu Xianxing, President of Huanghuai University.

Post-epidemic education cooperation

This forum touched upon the international applied technology-innovated education network and how to “Go globally”. Three speakers on this topic are David Cardwell, Vice President of University of Cambridge; Carita Prokki, Director of TAMK Continous Educaction and Global Education; and Meng Qingguo, President of Association of Universities (colleges) of Applied Science (AUAS).

Integration of industry and education.

This forum promoted the digitalization and education transformation for industry in poverty-stricken region.

CSDP and China Baowu, China Electronics, China Southern Airline, JD.COM and China Haier signed a cooperation agreement. CHEN Ximing, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager of China Electronics, and Jiang Yaodong, Vice President of JD.COM talked about the promising prospect.

Besides, CSDP with China Association of Small and Medium enterprises, PERA GLOBAL, universities, and the government launched the universities ecological partnership program to help enterprises, colleges, and education institutions with digital transformation.

CSDP also issued the Education Empowers Wisdom and the Co-frequency Plan along with a donation ceremony to optimize 5G & digital intelligence, and to guide enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation and intelligence support.


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