IBM unveils new solution to secure blockchain and connected infrastructure

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X-Force Red Blockchain Testing

IBM’s X-Force Red team has launched a new blockchain testing solution that will help enterprises to securely build, implement, and use blockchain technology and the connected infrastructure.

Called the X-Force Red Blockchain Testing, the new solution comes with manual review of chain code, and security controls and processes. These processes include access controls, finding a probable adversarial path to compromise and move laterally within a blockchain network.

The adoption of blockchain in rapidly increasing across several industries, including healthcare, automotive and logistics, financial services, food services, etc. As per a report by HTF Market Intelligence, the global blockchain market will reach $19.9 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 42.8%.

The main reason behind accelerated adoption of blockchain technology is that it is a new frontier for secure transactions. However, the management of blockchain solutions also needs to be done securely.

There isn’t any uniform guidance that can help enterprises to build secure blockchain solutions. Since the technology is still new, there is a lack of information and experience among the developers. They are using the security controls and processes based on what they think are best.

To address this, the X-Force Red Blockchain Testing service will provide chain code review to identify and help fix critical vulnerabilities, blockchain configuration and access control review, as well as blockchain documentation and policy review.

Built by the blockchain and security experts at X-Force Red, the new solution is capable of testing the entire environment of an enterprise, including the technical elements of blockchain.

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Testing the entire environment means that X-Force Red Blockchain Testing will review web and mobile apps that interact with blockchain technology, APIs, ingress and egress points in blockchain, public key infrastructure (PKI), user certificates, configuration and networks.

“At X-Force Red, we have many experienced hackers with blockchain-specific skill sets to perform security assessments and penetration tests on anything within the blockchain technology and connected infrastructure,” wrote Christopher Thomas, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM X-Force Red, in a blog post.

“IBM is an industry leader in blockchain technology and, as such, our X-Force Red hackers are exposed to numerous areas of the technology while working with leading experts in the field.”

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