IBM joins forces with Samsung, JPMorgan Chase and Daimler AG to develop Quantum Computing

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IBM recently announced partnership with major Fortune 500 companies, including Samsung, JPMorgan Chase and Daimler AG, to develop quantum computing.

The companies are the first clients who will have early access to IBM Q Network – a collaboration of leading fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and research labs. These companies, along with IBM, will dig into the practical applications of quantum computing in their industries.

Per the company, the coming years will see a rapid increase in the application of quantum computing in a variety of sectors. IBM Q Network will act as a vehicle to make quantum computing more approachable to the organizations by giving them access to advanced IBM Q systems and quantum ecosystem.

Working closely with our clients, together we can begin to explore the ways big and small quantum computing can address previously unsolvable problems applicable to industries such as financial services, automotive or chemistry. There will be a shared focus on discovering areas of quantum advantage that may lead to commercial, intellectual and societal benefit in the future,” said Dario Gil, vice president of AI and IBM Q, IBM Research.

The organizations can directly work with the expert scientists, engineers and consultants from IBM to explore the potential of quantum computing in every industry. Daimler will work with IBM data scientists and other experts to learn how quantum computing can be used to improve transportation.

We believe that quantum computing could be a crucial element in creating sustainable and highly efficient mobility,” said Ola Källenius, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG.

JP Morgan Chase will explore the potential of Quantum in finance sector, particularly in trading strategies and risk analysis.

Joining the IBM Q Network allows us to bring our technologists alongside IBM’s researchers and leverage cutting-edge quantum systems to learn about how we may be able to apply these technologies in the future,” said Lori Beer, CIO, JPMorgan Chase.

The other members, including Barclays, Honda, Hitachi Metals and Nagase will begin to work upon their knowledge of quantum computing and explore more opportunities in it.

IBM also announced the intent to launch IBM Q Network hubs across the four continents, which will be the regional centers to further improve the accessibility to quantum systems. The company plans to locate the hubs at IBM Research, Keio University (Japan), Oak Ridge National Lab (the United States), Oxford University (United Kingdom) and University of Melbourne (in Australia).

The organizations who are members of the IBM Q Network will have access to online use of 20 qubit IBM Q systems.

IBM recently built and tested the first 50 qubit prototype processor, which it plans to make available in the next-generation IBM Q systems.

IBM claims to have 60,000 users who have run over 1.7 M quantum experiments with the help of IBM Q experience.

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