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IBM introduces secure data migration service to cloud

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IBM recently launched Cloud Mass Data Migration service to overcome the difficulties most organizations face when moving data from their on-premise servers to the cloud – saving enormous amount of time and hassle.

When it comes to data migration, speed is important, but it takes weeks or months to transfer large data sets, depending on the bandwidth accessible by an organization. With this new service, organizations can physically ship terabytes (TBs) to petabytes (PBs) of data from their on premise data centers to IBM cloud with a faster speed.

Strong and durable, Mass Data Migration storage devices are portable, with 120 TB of capacity. Each device has RAID-6 for ensuring data integrity and industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption feature for secure migration. With Mass Data Migration, data can be migrated to cloud within a week, with the service including round-trip usage of UPS Next Day Air.

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This service is of special importance for organizations who need to save, manage large audio, video and image files. To gain intelligence and make more informed business decisions, these organizations can leverage IBM Watson Content enrichment service for their data in IBM cloud.

“IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration is an efficient option for any organization looking to transfer tens to hundreds of terabytes of data or more to the cloud. It can help companies free-up on-premises storage, implement a backup and recovery plan, create an active archive or media repository, or take advantage of a range of services including database and analytics solutions offered in the IBM Cloud to extract deeper value from their data,” wrote Michael Fork, Distinguished Engineer; Director, Cloud Infrastructure, IBM Watson.

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon also offer similar services, and the pricing of IBM’s service is competitive when compared to them.

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This service of IBM is currently available in the U.S. for a flow rate of $395 per device, and will soon be available in the European Union.

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