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IBM announces new solutions for the development of AI, blockchain and cloud

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IBM recently announced the release of over 120 code patterns for the development of AI, blockchain, cloud and data alongside the launch of its new Bot Asset Exchange.

These patterns do the dirty work for the developer – they are curated packages of code, one-click GitHub repos, documentation and resources that address some of the most popular areas of development, including AI, Blockchain, Containers and IoT. These patterns will help developers get right to the task at hand, giving them more time to innovate and build.” – Angel Diaz, Vice President, Developer Technology and Advocacy, IBM.

Along with the codes, the company also announced its first-ever Enterprise Bot Asset Exchange solution. It will help the bot developer communities with ready-to-use and domain-specific conversation logic. The company also said that the solution can be used to deploy IBM Watson conversation bot to any desired platform. This will simplify the overall bot building process.

The exchange is built on the principles of community and leverages a shared economy, so developers can learn from one another, while earning prizes and recognition through a point system for active users,” added Angel Diaz.

Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality are taking over nearly every industry, revolutionizing business processes, methods and techniques. The Bot Exchange solution, by leveraging open source development will help the conversational interface developers like bot, IoT, voicebot, and other VR application developers to quickly discover, configure, and deploy bots.

While many solutions currently available on the market are limited to specific platforms, the Bot Asset Exchange opens the floodgates to bot innovation and disruption to help users build their application on any platform” said Anamita Guha, Product Manager – IBM Watson Developer Labs in an official blog post.

The new tools are a part of IBM’s Developer Way, through which they aim to empower developers with smarter and faster ways to build challenging solutions, together.

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