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IBM accelerates AI adoption among enterprises with Watson Data Kits 

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IBM unveiled a new enterprise solution called Watson Data Kits to accelerate the development of AI-based business applications.

Watson Data Kits will provide machine-readable and pre-trained data as per the need of specific industry, so that the enterprises can scale artificial intelligence across their business.

The new solution will help data scientists and AI engineers to quickly extract rich insights from the data, which currently consumes around 80% of their time. Using Watson Data Kits, business customers will be able to take more informed decisions faster.

The overall result is that they can accelerate development of cognitive solutions from months to minutes, speeding the delivery of better business outcomes.

“Big data is fueling the cognitive era. However, businesses need the right data to truly drive innovation,” said Kristen Lauria, General Manager of Watson Media and Content“IBM Watson Data Kits can help bridge that gap by providing the machine-readable, pre-trained data companies require to accelerate AI development and lead to a faster time to insight and value. Data is hard, but Watson can make it easier for stakeholders at every level, from CIOs to data scientists.”

IBM’s new kit is currently available to be used in hospitality industry in the form of Watson Data Kit for Travel Points of Interest (POI) and Watson Data Kit for Food Menus.

Watson Data Kits for Travel Points of Interest will offer travel and transportation industry more than 300,000 POI in 100 categories. The AI-enabled web and mobile apps will enable more engaging experiences for travellers.

For instance, Watson Data Kit for travel POI can be used to train AI chatbot within mobile apps, which recommends personalized destinations and attraction on the basis of customer preferences.

Watson Data Kit for food menus will be used by AI developers to build apps with content for more than 700,000 menus in 21,000 US cities. The customers will be able to find the restaurants according to their choices and prices, with ability to compare them side by side.

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IBM will discuss Watson Data Kits at its Think 2018 conference. The Watson Data Kit will be released for more industries in the coming months.

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